Effective English Communication in Digital Platform training centre in Bangladesh


Effective English Communication in Digital Platform


Overview of the Course:
In this modern age of online correspondence, use of English is essential for the professionals serving in various sectors. Truly speaking, using the right word and phrase in the right place are sometimes challenging issues, especially in the digital platform. Due to availability of smart devices, some people need to correspond regularly through email, WhatsApp and other social media platforms where the application of proper English is appreciated. Considering the necessity of Bangladeshi professionals in various sectors, this exclusive training session has been designed carefully to address this practical requirement.

Training Output:
The participants of the course will get the opportunity to trace their area of improvement in English correspondence through interactive sessions as well as active participations. The motto of every session is ‘learn with fun’. By simulation, the trainees can practice English from the perspective of real-life scenario. The ultimate goal is to sharpen communication skills and upgrading language capacity in the digital platform, necessary for professional purposes every day.


Step-by-step interactive session, PowerPoint Presentation, individual practice and feedback session, micro-project work.

Contents of Training:

Training contents:
- Written English for professional development
- Short but correct message writing technique
- Smart emailing approach
- Common errors in social media correspondence
- Conveying negative message positively
- Professional vocabulary practice
- Magic tips for online PowerPoint presentation
- Tips for continuous progress

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Prospective participants:
• Professionals from all disciplines
• Executives from Administration, Marketing, Management and other departments of an organization
• Any interested person aspiring to improve proficiency in English