Effective HR & Administrative Operation in Organization training centre in Bangladesh


Effective HR & Administrative Operation in Organization


Effective Human Resource (HR) & Administrative (Admin) operations are the key factor of a successful organization. Base on the size of manpower and category of business operation HR & Admin Department has different formation and responsibilities. For achieving accomplishment and to meet the organizational goal one HR & Administrative professional need to be highly efficient.

All entry, mid & top level HR & Admin professional must have the knowledge and know how procedure of every HR & Admin task, departmental operations and organization business process & need. The professional know how will enable them to be good performer and to meet the organizational goal.

This training is designed to give the operational know how procedure about HR & administrative tasks, profession which will enable HR & Admin professional to be competent in their field.

How participants will benefit after the course:
# Participants will learn about HR & Administrative operations, department formation.
# Participants will learn how to complete each HR & Admin task efficiently.
# Participants will be able to set up appropriate departmental activities in their organization.
# Participants will be able to develop their team members.
# Participant can prepare them for future ready.


Online Presentation, Interactive

Contents of Training:

HR & Admin Operation: Connecting theory to practicality
What is know how procedure
Succession factor

HR & Administrative Operation
Human Resource Management
HR & Administrative Operational Activities
Worldwide Practices
Asia Base Practices
Bangladesh Base Practices

HR & Administrative Professional Know How
HR Activities Know How Procedure
Administrative Activities Know How Procedure

Challenges of HR & Administrative Profession in 21st Century
Current Business Trend: Worldwide, Asia, Bangladesh, Perspective
Managing Inefficiency
Managing Negativity
Future Life Protection

Professional Safety
Sensitivity of HR & Admin Profession
Proactive Preparation
Professional Certification
Future Life Protection

Professional Networking
Social Media Connection
Society Base Connection
Professional Network Connection
Alumni Base Connection
Outsourcing media connection

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• Managers/Senior Managers who lead the organization
• Any employee specially of Admin & HR dept.
• All line managers/supervisors including Audit Dept.
• Any person who wants to gather knowledge on Administration & Logistics Management