Transformative Leadership and Effective Team Building training centre in Bangladesh


Transformative Leadership and Effective Team Building


Leadership is a key weapon to pursue someone or organization’s vision in a very transformative manner. A transformative leader could bring everyone on a platform to proceed towards achieving a shared vision. Leadership is a somehow is a process for which someone needs to perform several operational things ranging theory to practicum. A visionary leader could only form an effective team where everyone could engage with due roles and responsibilities and have shared ownership.

Specific objectives
Upon attending this workshop, participants will be to-
• Define the basic soft skills areas and learn its importance
• Learn and explain fundamental aspects of transformative leadership, inter-personal communication, public speaking and team building;
• Get hands on knowledge and skills in leading most significant changes through building an effective team.


Interactive, Group activities, PowerPoint presentation

Contents of Training:

Leadership and Transformative Leadership
• Define Leadership and Transformative Leadership
• Importance of the transformative leadership and how a transformative leader could bring meaningful change within the organization
• Leadership style, Leadership tools and techniques.

Leadership development wheel and its operational aspects
• What is Leadership Development Wheel?
• How leadership development wheel helps some to enhance leadership skills?

Team, Team Building process
• Define team and identify the major aspects of a team
• How team form and what are the necessary consideration for each of the step of a team
• Define problem and how to take a decision in a team
• Major pros and cons of working in a team

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