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Microsoft Office Training - Campus to Corporate


Being successful in career now a days, requires a prodigious strength of knowledge of Microsoft Office package which is equally critical for every department of corporate world. Based on this key aspect, this training is designed by focusing on how to manage your workload, your career and eventually yourself through Microsoft Office rather than being completely Lack of guidance. This training program enhance the confidence and skills of future leaders to move forward.

Our training program assure you to implement the knowledge that we transfer to you. We strictly follow KSA process.
K** Knowledge S** Skill A** Ability


Hands on training with practice sessions.

Contents of Training:

A. Microsoft Excel 2016

Getting Started With Excel
 MS Excel Stands for
 Spreadsheets or Worksheets
 Exploring Microsoft Excel
 Cell and cells range
 Column width and row height
 Deleting rows or columns
 Editing cells value or formula
 Text wrapping in excel
 Insert or delete a worksheet
 Inserting columns and rows
 Moving or coping a worksheet
 Find and replace option
 Portrait and Landscape orientation
 Printing excel documents
 Spelling check option
 Viewing and printing formulas
 Worksheets renaming
 Cells reference styles
 Cells referencing or addressing
 Excel key board shortcut
 Data modeling concept
Excel data visualization and data tools
 Formatting stands for
 Excel Cell and Table formatting
 Basic Data formatting
 Basic Date formatting
 Basic Conditional formatting
 Text to Column
 Remove Duplicates
 Data validation
 Grouping and Un-grouping option
 Excel Sorting and Filtering
Microsoft Excel Functions
 Excel function and formula stands for
 Categories of Excel functions
 Value, Concatenate function
 Left, Right, Mid function
 Lower, Proper, Upper function
 IF, nested IF, complex IF function
 Now, Today function
 Sum, Count, Average function
 Max, Min, Maxa, Mina function
 Round, Roundup, Round down function
 Sumifs, Countifs, Averageifs function
 Lookup, Vlookup function
 Precedent and dependent
Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables
 Creating and pivoting Pivot Tables
 Summarizing Pivot Table data
 Managing subtotals and grand totals
 Visualization using Slicer and Timeline
 Grouping Pivot Table data
 Using formulas in Pivot Table
Microsoft Graph or Chart
 Create an excel chart
 Excel chart elements
 Ignoring blank cells in chart
 Plotting secondary axis in chart
 Switch row or column data in chart
 Excel charts customization
 Creating charts using custom template

B. Microsoft Word

Working with Long Documents
 Adding a Table of Contents
 Updating the Table of Contents
 Deleting the Table of Contents
 Footnotes and End notes
 Inserting Citations and a Bibliography
Review and Collaborating on Documents
 Adding Comments
 Tracking Changes
 Viewing Changes, Additions, and Comments
 Accepting and Rejecting Changes
Managing Mailings
 Creating Envelopes and Labels
 Using Mail Merge
Protecting Documents
 Making Word Documents Read Only
 Password Protect Word Documents
Random Useful Items
 Using Bookmarks
 Adding Watermarks
Using the Go to Feature
 Configuring Documents to Print
 Print Document Sections
 Set Print Scaling

C. Microsoft PowerPoint

Getting Started
 Start and end a PowerPoint session
 Edit a presentation
 Create different types of slides
 Outlines and Slides
 ClipArt`s of presentation
 Working with Images
 Working with Tables and Charts
 Working with Special Effects
 Using Smart Art
 Usages of Multimedia
 Working with Special Effects
 Formatting Slides
 Setting up the Slide Show
 Run a slide show
 Managing Multiple Presentations
 Print various components of a presentation
 The Backstage View (The File Menu)
 Finalizing Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
 Theme customization
 Presentation Masters
 Slide Mastering and it`s uses
 Manage hyperlinks
 Dynamic presentation file creation
 Automatic update slides from Excel data

D. Microsoft Access

 Quick Overview of the Access User Interface
 Fundamentals of database
 Tables and Their Views and properties
 Relationships between tables
 Importing Data from various sources
 Fundamentals of queries, forms & reports
 Select & Crosstab queries buildup
 Editing queries through SQL & Design view
 Work with forms and the Form Wizard
 Work with reports and the Report Wizard
 Finalizing a output

E. Microsoft Outlook

 The Outlook 2016 Interface
 Working with Tasks and Notes
 Using Signature and Themes
 Managing Your Inbox
 Search for Messages
 Sort Messages
 Move Messages between Folders
 Group Your Mailbox Items
 Filter Messages
 Organize Messages
 Create and Manage Rules
 Add an Attachment
 Add Voting Options
 Set Up Availability Status
 Print Your Schedule
 Share Your Calendar
 Schedule a Meeting
 Make Updates to Meetings
 Cancel a Meeting
 Reply to a Meeting Invitation
 Schedule an Appointment
 Make Updates to an Appointment
 Archive Your Messages
 Create Auto-Replies

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Executives, Managers, Teachers, Developers, Students, Researchers - People looking for a job and would like to do better in future through working with Microsoft Office.