How to open a Garments Buying House in Bangladesh training centre in Bangladesh


How to open a Garments Buying House in Bangladesh


Garments Buying House is a very profitable business in Bangladesh, any educated & smart people with less investment to a high return. In our country, many people are interested to set up a buying House but due to proper knowledge of Organogram, efficient and Proper Documentation cannot set up or run a Buying House in a very professional way. This Workshop will give them a clear concept of How to open a Buying House in a Professional way with all details of documentation and functional activities. After attending this workshop anybody would be able to set up a Buying House on his own as such for him Golden Horizon will be open for him in Business.

How Participants will benefit after the course:
A. He will learn the total knowledge of Buying House.
B. He will learn the total activities of Buying House.
C. He will learn How to set up and organize a Buying House.
D. He will learn what all documents will be needed to set up a Buying House.
E. He will learn what all staffs, manpower, machines, and equipment will be required to set up a Buying House.
F. He will gain confidence in starting up a Buying House.


◾ Interactive Lecture
◾ PowerPoint Presentation
◾ Open Discussion

Contents of Training:

Session 01:
1. Discuss on preplan requirement of open a buying house.
2. Department of buying House.
3. How to key play buying house in garments Sector.
4. Order Sheet, BOM, PDM, PO.
5. Wholesales, Trader, Buying Agent, Commission agent, retailer, Consumers.
6. Supply Chain management of buying a house.
7. Place order to Factory.
8. How to receive order from buyers.
9. How to execute the order perfectly.
10. Price quotation & negotiation.
11. Sample Development & Costing.

Session 02:
12. How to handle buyers.
13. How to communicate factory & Buyers.
14. How to handle vendor.
15. Garment test package.
16. How to make s strong profile.
17. Requirement of buyer compliance.
18. Payment Method: Master LC/B2B/Sales contract/Differed LC/at sight LC.
19. Shipment Method of buyers.
20. Garments test package.
21. Incoterms FOB, C&F, CIF, and CIFT order
23. 18. What all are the Inspection usually carried out by Buying House to Execute any Order.
24. What all documents required to submit to the Bank to realize payment after completion of any order.
25. Question & Review.
Anyone who wants to start a Garments Buying House on his own with minimum investment.