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What is business writing?
Business writing refers to the daily essential communications that is related to record keeping, business email, business memo and report writing. Effective business writing is key for businesses and companies to thrive and flourish. The features of effective business writing are correct grammar and sentence structure along with simple language, concise and clear thinking.
Who is this course for?
This course is ideal for professionals who need to improve or learn how to engage in effective business writing for a brighter future. Learn these vital goal-directed tasks from our one-day business writing workshop and join hundreds of business professionals who have drastically improved their career opportunities and job performances.


Interactive, Q/A session, Activities

Contents of Training:

✔Grammar for Business Writing
Grammar for Business Writing expands on the basics of grammar and reveals how to engage your audience accurately without spelling or grammatical errors. Learn how to use grammar easily in a professional manner that fits just right for your business.

✔Business Memos
Business memos are an established formal method of written communication often used in academics, government and industry. Learn memo formats and stylistic elements that will set your technical, organizational and communications skills apart from the rest and drive your business forward.

✔Business Emails
Excellent business emails get results by using etiquette, style, and format. The average worker receives anywhere from 40 to 80 business emails a day and so learning how to write effective business emails will help create a prosperous relationships for you and your organization.

✔Report Writing
Make it punchy and be on the dot! Come ready with questions to ask your qualified trainer and learn the best methods to write quality reports within tight deadlines. No more confusion, no more hesitation. Unleash your report writing potential and join our course today.

✔Common Writing Errors
We all make mistakes but do we learn from them? We will view and discuss common writing errors, why they occur and how to redeem oneself from silly mishaps in this section of the training.

Personal Business Documents – Yes, more and more office transactions take place online these days but there are a number of situations where hard copy is absolutely necessary. Learn what documents you should have on print and why.

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