Developing the leadership skills: by understanding the leadership philosophy training centre in Bangladesh


Developing the leadership skills: by understanding the leadership philosophy


Leadership skills can play a vital role in a person's career development. Technical skills and a university degree may not take you far. To move your career forward you need an effective leadership qualities as well as soft skills, such as the ability to be emotionally intelligent and be an effective communicator.


Pre-workshop: Study content and assignment During the workshop: Video recording, Presentation, Group discussion, Roleplay, etc. Post-workshop: Online learning, Coaching, and Assessment. Note: After the first level of TTT courses, they shall be invited to present their course in real-time.

Contents of Training:

-The philosophy of Leadership -Creating a Vision and Goal setting
-7 Leadership traits
-Mistakes Leaders make
-Delegating effectively
-Leading a team
-Coaching others
-How to stay motivated
-Reprogram yourself

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