Mastering Your Communication Skills training centre in Bangladesh


Mastering Your Communication Skills


Description: Communication skills may take a lifetime to master - however, you can improve many aspects of communication fairly easily following some strategies. Those who develop strong communication skills get success in personal and professional life, secure jobs and promotions, and possess leadership skills. On the other hand, poor communication skills can sour relationships in every aspect of life.

This course is ideal for you if you want to improve your skills in the following areas: assertiveness and persuasive communicative skills, business communication skills for job interview, communication fundamentals, elevator speech, public speaking and presentation skills.


Pre-workshop: Study content and assignment During the workshop: Video recording, Presentation, Group discussion, Roleplay, etc. Post-workshop: Online learning, Coaching, and Assessment. Note: After the first level of TTT courses, they shall be invited to present their course in real-time.

Contents of Training:

What you'll learn:
✔Business communication skills
✔Communicating confidently in personal situations
✔Briefing effectively
✔Body language
✔Communicating at work
✔Communicating in a memorable way
✔Communicating to influence

Session 1:
✔Fundamentals of communication
✔The process of communication
✔Communication styles
✔Communication skills for introducing yourself

Session 2:
✔Assertive: you can be more assertive communicator
✔Be persuasive: using your communication skills to persuade
✔Debunking the myth of charisma
✔The power of the positive

Session 3:
✔Communication techniques: using speakers note, ethical cheat sheet,
✔Eliminate verbal Tics, um, uh, er,
✔Unforgettable stories: storytelling is the most important communication skill
✔Communication skills for speaking to large audiences
✔Powering your points with images and slides

Session 4:
✔Workplace communication
✔Listening skills: the ultimate business communication soft skill
✔Telephone business communication skills
✔Body language
✔Deliver the perfect elevator speech
✔Business communication skills for team presentations

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