A Complete Guide for PhD Aspirants training centre in Bangladesh

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A Complete Guide for PhD Aspirants


PhD is the highest and longest academic degree. Now a days, it has become almost essential for researchers and academics. Hence, with increasing access to internet/information and availability of large number of scholarships worldwide, every year the number of Bangladeshi graduates going abroad for PhD is increasing.

But many aspirants are still in the middle of nowhere to find suitable research area/supervisor/ institute/ university.

This is an attempt to help PhD aspirants find scholarship for PhD in the right area under suitable supervisor at the right time with ease and pace.

How participants will benefit after the course:
Knowing the starting point for PhD
Finding research interest
Finding prospective supervisor
Effective communication with prospective supervisor
Writing effective email, statement of purpose (SOP) and research proposal
Eliminating misconceptions about PhD and scholarships
All together, making PhD hunt easier, faster and effective.


PowerPoint Presentation, Exercise, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

1. What is PhD

2. Why people go and should go for PhD- various reasons for PhD

3. How to prepare for PhD/ prerequisite of PhD

4. Misconceptions about prerequisite for PhD

5. When should start PhD

6. How to –
Find suitable research area for PhD
Find suitable laboratory/ supervisor /university/ institute

7. Pathways to PhD application
Supervisor first
Project fixed

8. Finding and contacting prospective supervisor
Writing email – expressing interest
CV writing

9. Application procedure
Writing Statement of Purpose (SOP)
Writing Research Proposal (RT)
Managing Recommendation letter

10. Opportunity of PhD – Scholarships
- Foreign scholarships
- Bangladeshi scholarships

11. Govt vs University Scholarships
Advantages and

12. Privilege for govt employees for doing PhD

13. Should go PhD without scholarship or self finance?

14. PhD in different countries

15. PhD at the later stage in the life course

16. Take home messages

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"All the session of the workshop was useful and highly relevant at all aspect of my research interest" Farhana Rahman
"This is an excellent workshop. Any PhD aspirants may be benefited from the workshop"
"the training program has boosted my sprite to achieve my goal."Fouad Md. Delwar Hossain
" The trainer is excellent. he has given a complete overview on how to get scholarship"
"Come to Bdjobs training for PhD guideline to fulfill your dream"Mst. Nadira Parvin, Lecturer, Northern University Bangladesh
"Excellent" Shipra Malakar
"Very good. I expect to get such new types of training/Workshop in the future" Zaki Mahmud
"This workshop is really very helpful for Phd student.This guideline may help to complete smoothly" Prafulla Chandra Ray
Graduate Students (1st year-4th year Bachelor student, Master student)
Fresh Graduate (Bachelor and Master)
College Teachers (Govt and private)
Administrative and other BCS cadres
University Teachers (Govt and Private)
Early and Mid Career Researchers
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.