Good Housekeeping in Hospitality Industry training centre in Bangladesh


Good Housekeeping in Hospitality Industry


Bangladesh is a developing country and hospitality industries are growing rapidly. Tourism is not only booming in Cox’s Bazar but there are so many world class hospitals/healthcare organizations that have started providing international standard medical services. To provide international standard cleaning and housekeeping service with competitive customer satisfaction, there is huge demand of housekeeping or cleansers in country and abroad.

This training session/module will help to understand and know the techniques of cleaning services.

Course Objective
• To create a knowledgeable, skilled and technically sound manpower to get benefit in global job market.
• To provide right direction and confidence to get job
• To change the attitude of the young people in a more positive manner to make their own places in highly demanding international job market with dignity and honor.

Course Benefit
• Job Opportunities as Housekeeper/Cleaner for Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitals, Clinics all types of Ports, Corporate Offices etc. at both home and abroad.
• Know the correct technique of housekeeping, cleaning and hygiene.


Visual Presentation
Hand notes
Demonstration of Equipments
Quiz Test / Evaluation

Contents of Training:

A. Introducing Hospitality Services
- Definition
- Brief on Hospitality Industries and its Services

B. Importance of Cleaning & Hygiene in Hospitality Industries
- Explanation and definition
- Reasons

C. Basic Introduction on Cleaning and Hygiene

D. Basic Room Cleaning

E. Introduction on Cleaning Equipment and Chemicals

F. Hazardous & Importance of Housekeeping

G. Conclusion

H. Quiz A&Q


A. Job Card

- Key responsibilities
- Daily Responsibilities
- Qualification & Skills

B. Basic on Customer Services Excellence
- Key points to make customer happy
- Demonstration

C. Communication Skills
- Key points of good communication
- Demonstration

D. Time Management
- Technique
- Importance & Benefits

E. Stress & Anger Management
- Technique
- Importance & Benefits

F. Team Building & Relationship Management
- Technique
- Importance & Benefits

G. Conclusion

H. Quiz A&Q

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Anyone interested to learn the good housekeeping techniques.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.