55 Useful Tips for MS Excel training centre in Bangladesh

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55 Useful Tips for MS Excel


Microsoft Excel is the most commonly used spreadsheet application in the world. Excel can play a crucial part in your business, and is essential for producing accurate numeric data. The vast majority of businesses use Microsoft Excel every day to produce accounting and financial reports, budgets, and many more crucial numeric data tasks, but few appreciate the extent of the features and functions within the software. This course will enable you to maximize the potential of the powerful Microsoft Excel software to produce more professional business information. The course covers some useful tips of Microsoft Excel commonly used in the workplace.


Contents of Training:

Convert Amount into Words Automatically • Excel Security Protection • Excel Worksheet Locking and Hiding • Sort Excel Sheets/Worksheets • Convert Text to Upper/Proper Case • Create a Worksheet Calendar • Creating a Worksheet Index • Automatically Add Date Into Cell • Create Custom Excel Menu Items • Disable Cut Copy In Excel • Find Number Between 2 Numbers • Find the Difference Between Two Dates • Embedding Objects • Text Hyperlink • Image Hyperlink • Conditional Formatting • Using Names • Using Comments • Absolute References • Relative References • Validations • Customized Messaging • Data Sorting • Data Filtering • Auto Fill Items • Masking Entries • Common Keyboard Shortcuts • Using Goal Seek • Change Tab color • Change Currency Symbol • Drop down pick list • VLOOKUP formula • Using Macros • Automatically Run Excel Macros Upon Opening Excel • Automatically Run Excel Macros Upon Data Entry • Protect/Lock Excel VBA Code • Worksheets as Web pages • Importing Text Data • Concatenation • Text to Columns • Freeze panes • AutoCorrect options • Auto-Recover • Excel Errors Some Useful Functions, And Many More … … … … …

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Anybody who needs Microsoft Excel at work.