Effective Supervisory Management training centre in Bangladesh

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Effective Supervisory Management


With the right supervisor,
One and One can make three.
Most supervisors can make each individual member of their team perform according to their average capability. Only very effective supervisors can make each individual motivated to perform at the highest level of their potential. Effective supervisors also create synergistic effects by increasing team collaboration, introducing efficient systems and kindling team spirit.

Supervisory skills are not easy to learn; even after a lot of training, coaching, simulation, role playing etc. sometimes good supervisors have to learn on the job and continue to learn from their mistakes. But, the best supervisors start with some form of formal training and coaching to reach their full potential. If they are trained properly, they will be able to motivate, manage and control their subordinates to achieve their highest potential.

Supervisory management is the act of managing employees in an organization, formal or informal. Many employees employed in supervisory positions are never given the required training and they have no alternative but to learn on-the-job. However, if appropriate training can be provided, it really helps a supervisor employ effective strategies in his or her job. Even though some supervisors have a natural ability to manage employees well, many would perform their jobs more proficiently with training or education. Often, employees are likely to be much happier to work with a supervisor who is cordial, assertive and fair, and these supervisors not only increase employee productivity, they reduce employee turnover as well. Ultimately supervisors ensure that the organizational goals are achieved.


The training will be designed and managed by Ms. Parveen S. Huda and she will invite Guest Resource Persons who are subject matter specialists to take some of the sessions. - Question and answer session, interactive lecture, PowerPoint Presentation.

Contents of Training:

1. To prepare new supervisors for their changing roles and responsibilities.

2. The four major approaches to supervision.

3. To learn to determine an employee's performance and its management.

4. Understand the keys to effective planning, prioritizing, and delegating.

5. Improving Interpersonal Relations and Communication.

6. Build productive relationships with other work groups.

7. Determine the functional level of each employee.

8. Improving staff morale, commitment and retention.

9. Learn which actions every supervisor should avoid.

10. Dealing with the most challenging employees.

11. The difference between a manager and a leader.

Great benefit plans and top-level salaries will satisfy many employees,
But to hold on to the BEST employees –
You need Effective Supervisory Management in your Organization.

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"I am lucky to have training by Parveen S. Huda madam, She is superb" Chitra Janet Halder, Administrative Officer, Save the Children
"This workshop was very effective and informative" Shaikh Mahmuduzzaman,Officer- Fleet Administration, Save the Children
" A fruitful day long session" Mynul Islam,Deputy Director , MCC Limited
Today's workshop is very satisfactory for our career. Thanks Bdjobs - Sujon Kanti Howlader.
Simply very impressive and very informative. Ms. Parveen knows how to train the people. I wish her every success and I would appreciate if I can do something or involve with her training in future - Md. Rakibul Karim.
It is really an attractive workshop, as the Trainer was really resourceful - Mosharraf Hossain, SVP, Reliance Insurance Ltd.
The workshop will be helpful in my Managerial career, so I will request my friends to attend such type program - Md. Lokman Hossain.
Supervisors, Managers and Directors of the organizations.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.