Employee Separation, Final Settlement & Disciplinary Action in the Light of BD Labor Law-2006 (Amendment 2013 & 2018) an training centre in Bangladesh


Employee Separation, Final Settlement & Disciplinary Action in the Light of BD Labor Law-2006 (Amendment 2013 & 2018) an


This workshop will definitely enrich the practical knowledge and professional skills of business executive, particularly HR personnel for better decision making about any employment separation issue and departmental disciplinary action as well as facing Labor Court on legal issues on the same ground. They will gain professional knowledge and confidence to deal separation and disciplinary issues following the Bangladesh Labor Law 2006 and Bangladesh Labor Rules 2015, which will save time and money of the company and in the long run accelerate their career.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

Module 1: Employee Separation and Final Settlement
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Definition of separation and separation benefits
1.3 Types of Separation
1.4 Component of Final Settlement

Section-2: Settlement of Resignation
2.1 Resigned employee with proper notice period
2.2 Resigned employee with partial notice period
2.3 Resigned employee without notice period
2.4 Resignation under Section 27(3A); Benefit; Notice Pay!

Section -3: Settlement of Termination, Removal and Dismissal
4.1 Termination with full notice period
4.2 Termination with partial notice period
4.3 Termination without notice period
4.4 Removal under section 23 (2)
4.5 Dismissal under section 23 (4) B and G
4.6 Dismissal under section 23 (4) A, C, D, E, F, H and I

Section-4: Settlement of Retrenchment and Discharge
4.1 Retrenchment with formal notice
4.2 Retrenchment under Section 16(7)
4.3 Separation procedure for discharged employee

Section-5: Settlement in case of Retirement and Death benefits
5.1 Benefits of retired employee
5.2 Normal Death Benefit
5.3 Benefits of death in workplace
5.4 Benefits of accidental benefits

Module 2: Employee Disciplinary
Section-1: Introduction
1. Steps of punishment procedure
2. How to collect documented complaint
3. Conducting Primary Investigation

Section-2: Inquiry procedure
1. How to issue Normal Shaw cause
2. Background and way of writing Shaw cause with suspension
3. Considering statement of accused employee
4. Component of issuing inquiry notice
5. Ingredients of Formation of Inquiry committee
6. Way of Conducting Inquiry and writing inquiry report
7. Submission for decision making and approval
8. Writing Dismissal letter and communicating

Section-3: Other related issues
1. Payments of dismissed employees
2. Documents available for inquiry
3. Difference between domestic inquiry and Criminal Code
4. Can a domestic inquiry be effective during case pending in Criminal Code?

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Any employee leading the functional work of HR and compliance can attend the session. But the mid and senior leaders including HR professional can attend this workshop to optimize ensure their benefit. Even, the fresh graduates who are dreaming to build career in HR and Compliance can attend the session to smoothen their entry level performance.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.