Essential Citizen Laws training centre in Bangladesh


Essential Citizen Laws


This course has been designed to provide both theoretical as well as practical knowledge about all aspects and components of basic rights, laws and practices. And the course will certainly make value to your life.

There are some basic rights and laws which are important for daily life. If anybody knows these basic laws he must be benefited in life. These are property & family matters, business matter, Notary, Sale Agreement etc. The detailed matters are given as following.

How the course will benefit the participants:
Participants will learn the basic & essential laws and rights of Bangladesh.
They will be able to protect their business from any loss due to unknown of any legal matters.
They will be able to reduce unnecessary legal costs in their daily life & business transactions.
They will be able to secure their rights by applying the appropriate provisions of law.
Participants will also be able to protect their personal interest and the interest of others as well as contribute to the society.


PowerPoint Presentation, Practical drafting, Group Discussion, Question and Answer, Case Study.

Contents of Training:

1. GD (General Diary)
2. FIR (First Information Report)/ Ejahar.
3. Land/Flat Purchase & Registration Matter, Bainanama Deed, khatiyan, Sale Deed etc.
4. Land Mutation Process
5. Land Partition, Succession Certificate etc.
6. Land Mortgage, Bank Loan, Hypothecation, Lien, Auction Sale etc.
7. Power of Attorney (POA).
8. Heba, Trust, Will, Wakf, Pre-emption Matter etc.
9. Notary Public of any Documents (NID, Name Correction etc)
10. Income Tax, VAT etc.
11. Marriage Registration process (Court Marriage)
12. Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage etc.
13. Custody and Guardianship of Children
14. Money Recovery process from a defaulter.
15. Cheque Dishonour Matter
16. Question and Answer session.

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Anyone who is interested to know about the social rights and citizen Laws of Bangladesh.