Comprehensive B2B & B2C Sales Training training centre in Bangladesh


Comprehensive B2B & B2C Sales Training


‘Sales’ is an integral part of the success of any commercial organization. It requires a thorough understanding of sales & customer psychology. As the name implies, this sales training intervention will help the delegates to master the art of persuasion and transform themselves into high performance sales executives that not only sell a lot but also create highly satisfied customers by building a strong business relationship with them andin the process become an asset for the companies they work for. Once they understand the sales psychology & know how to maximize their effectiveness in the market it does not matter what industry they work in orwhat they sell; they invariably become success stories!

Working knowledge of spoken & written English & some experience of selling or managing customers is helpful but not necessary.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Role Play, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Module 1
1. Understanding the business of selling:
i. What does it take to be a super salesperson?
ii. Getting ready to become a super salesperson – the right attitude & motivation
iii. Profile of typical a customer.

2. Elements of Sales function:
Sales Concepts:
a. What do you sell?
b. The difference between customers ‘wants’ & ‘needs’
c. Why customers buy?
d. Customer expectations are relative & life time value
e. Twelve cylinders of selling
f. WIIFM – what is in it for me?
g. Features vs. benefits vs. advantages
h. Typical Sales Cycle/Process
i. ‘Value’ based selling
j. USPs
k. Importance of ‘Testimonial & Referrals’
l. 80/20 Rule – Pareto’s Law.

3. Effective communication skills:
a. How your internal communication influences your external communication?
b. The NLP communication model for selling successfully
c. Ingredients of ‘Persuasive Selling’
d. How to find out what the customer wants?
e. Listening skills plus distortions in sales communication & perceptions
f. How top salespeople communicate with their customers?

4. Fundamental Skills:
a. How to use customer’s emotions, feelings, & logic in selling successfully
b. Why & how to make your customers ‘feel’?
c. How to manage your state of mind?
d. How to ‘network’ in sales to leverage your sales efforts?
e. Why, how, & when to be assertive?
f. How to prime your customers before selling to them?
g. The ‘Push & Pull’ technique that works wonders
h. How to sell intangible products?
i. How to make the most out of your time & resources?
j. How to make killer presentations?
k. Why & how should you collaborate with your customers?
l. How to introspect, make objective assessments, & evaluate your performance so that you can apply appropriate course corrections before it is too late - actual sales lags behind sales effort!

Module 2

1. Sales Planning:
a. How to set your own targets?
b. Difference between ‘Sales Strategy’ & ‘Sales Planning’?
c. Sales Planning Process & application of sales plans in stage
d. Moderating sales plans in accordance with changes in the market

2. Finding & Connecting with your customer:
a. ‘Prospection’ the lifeblood of selling success:
• What is a cold call & how/when to apply it? – Insider information & key influencers
• How to prospect?
• The difference between ‘suspects’ & ‘prospects’
• Why & how to profile your customers? How to qualify your customers – difference between profiling & qualifying?

b. Lead generation is a separate business:
• How to qualify leads
• How to track & measure your lead generation effort
• Lead conversion and what it entails?
c. How to set up systems/multiple ways of reaching your ‘Ideal Potential Clients?’
d. How to get ‘additional’ business from existing customers?
e. How to use referrals to get new clients & business?
f. Social media the Aladdin’s Lamp that few use! How to use your web site to your advantage?
g. Why & how to use ‘email marketing’ to snag new business?
h. How to recruit cormorants that sell even while you sleep?
i. Importance of focusing on events, fairs, exhibitions, & open houses
j. Sales funnel and how to use it to your advantage?
k. Webinars/YouTube/Newsletter/Direct mail
l. Using ‘Indirect competitors’ as sniffing dogs
m. Whole sellers & distributors
n. How to create an identity for yourself that is ‘top of mind amongst your major & potential clients’?

Module 3

1. Sales Interview - 1:
a. Getting past the gate-keepers & making appointments
b. Preparation, preparation & more preparation
c. Arriving early & getting acquainted
d. Setting the stage & steps of a sales interview – for B to C & B to B?
e. Managing objections
f. Closing the sales
g. Asking for referrals
h. Follow up
i. How to manage ‘irate customers’?

Sales Interview – 2:
a. State Management – success mindset, managing your nervousness, how to speak with confidence?
b. Sales Presentation to key accounts & focus on USPs & Benefits (managing the objections before they arise or reducing objection/s to a minimum), making amazing presentations
c. Questioning technique: Open questions, Close questions, What if & Leading questions
d. SPIN Selling: For B2B selling only
i. Four stages of a sales call – setting the stage
ii. Before the call
iii. Situation questions, Problem questions, Implication questions, & Need Payoff questions
iv. Planning
v. Implied & Explicit Need development
e. The ‘Push & Pull’ technique
f. The importance of Listening
g. Negotiation & Objection Handling skills
h. When & how to Close The Sale?
i. How to eliminate ‘Buyer’s Remorse’?

2. Getting organized:
* A typical day in the life of a super salesperson
* Objectivity
* Know thyself – strengths & thing to improve
* Covey’s quadrants
* Being a ‘Lone Ranger’
* Delegating & automating to be able to spend more quality time in the field/market with the cash cows
* How to keep on top of your paper work?
* How to make the most of ‘sales meetings’?
* Rules of thumb for optimum use of time & resources.

3. Territory & Time Management:
§ Importance of territory management?
§ Call Plans – using ‘Call Values’ to determine the frequency of call to a customer:
§ Allocation of call frequency on the basi
s of ‘call value’
o Traveling time
o Decision makers, influencers & saboteurs
o Loyalty factor
o Competition
o New projects
o Projected return/dollar
o Other factors to consider
§ How to make Perpetual Call Plans – call plans that update themselves automatically, using Call Values, Business Potential, Key & Prestige Accounts, prospection vs. maintenance Calls
§ Linking targets to sales effort
§ Understanding Market & Business Trends
§ Reading the Competition
§ How to speedup ‘Call Cycles’ to increase productivity?
o Calls – A, B, & C category customers
o Call values & Perpetual call plans
o Sales force automation/contact management system
o How to write reports/proposals?
o Networking for efficiencies.

Module 4

1. Sharpening Your Saw:
a. Learning something new everyday
b. Introspecting regularly
c. Modeling success
d. Having a learning partner & teaching someone else
e. 360 degree feedback from internal & external customers & suppliers
f. Learning to managing your stress
g. Looking after your health

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.