Production Planning of Knit and Woven Factory training centre in Bangladesh


Production Planning of Knit and Woven Factory

  • Date : Friday, May 24, 2019
  • Duration : Day(9.30 AM-5.30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : Day Long
  • Class Schedule : Friday
  • Total Hours : 8
  • Last Date of Registration : 22 May, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


Garments is not a business of One Man Show rather it is a Team-Work where lot of people, agent, organizations, industries and manufacturers are involved, moreover all works has to be accomplished within a given time-frame to ship out the garments on time. Buyer will not accept the garments of winter in summer and vise versa as such if the garments cannot be shipped out on time then the order may be cancelled or may have to send by air or Buyer may ask for discount. To avoid all such adverse situation we need to do proper planning to execute any order.

When ever any order is confirmed immediately we need to make a Time and Action Calendar (T&A) for all important actions and events so that those can be done on time at the same time we also need to make a Gantt Chart as what action/work may be given how much time and when it has to start and end to ship the garments on time. We need to know how to prepare a Time and Action Calendar along with Gantt Chart to execute any order. People has got a wrong conception on planning, they usually think it is only the sewing that needs planning, in fact that is wrong; to ensure any shipment on time we need to plan for all the events and stages of work that an order has to undergo in various level like procurement planning of Yarn, Dyes, Chemicals etc, Knitting Planning, Dyeing Planning, Cutting Planning, Planning of Printing, Embroidery, Washing and Finishing etc etc.

As such know the techniques of preparation of T & A, preparation of Gantt Chart covering all important works and events and finally total Production Planning is essential to learn by all key personnel who are running the business.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

- Ascertain of Factory Expenses and required earning for the Factory.
- Planning for Marketing Target in terms of Value and Quantity to fetch factory expenses and Profit.
- Ascertain of Production Target per month and per day commensurating to required Earning.
- Planning of Factory set up for both Knit and Woven with required Men, Machines and Equipments.

Knit Garments Production Planning
- Selection of Knitting Target and Planning of Knitting in macro level.
- Selection of Dyeing Target and Planning of Dyeing in macro level.
- Product Package Analysis (Knit) and finding out the deduction for planning.
- Planning for Yarn Procurement.
- Planning for Accessories Procurement.
- Planning of Knitting in micro level
- Planning of Batching.
- Planning of Dyeing micro level including Dyes and Chemical Procurement for both Dyeing Plant & Lab.
- Planning of Fabric delivery to garments factory.
- Planning of Cutting.
- Planning of Printing.
- Planning of Embroidery.
- Planning of Production with Machine requirement.
- Planning of Finishing Considering Packing Assortment.
- Planning of Samples and Sample Management.
- Planning of Lab-Test.
- Planning of Cargo Transshipment along with Freight Calculation.
- Planning of Shipment including container requirement (for Sea Shipment).
- Planning for Air-shipment (if any) including freight calculation for both Gross & Volumetric Weight.

Woven Garments Production Planning
- Ascertain of requirement of Production Line to achieve the Production target in terms of value and quantity,
- Planning for procurement of Machines, Equipments, Folders and Guides etc.
- Planning for Fabric Procurement.
- Planning for all approval like Labdip, Yarn-dip, handloom, Skein, Strike-off etc.
- Planning for sample preparation and dispatch.
- Planning of Cutting.
- Planning of Printing.
- Planning of Embroidery.
- Planning of Sewing when Days are fixed.
- Planning of Sewing when Lines are fixed.
- Planning of Washing.
- Planning of Value-add Works (if any).
- Planning of all Inspection.
- Planning of Finishing.
- Planning of Shipment.
- Planning of transshipment of Cargo by Cover-van, Open-truck or Container and Space Booking for Air-cargo and C&F order
- Preparation of Time and action calendar to Control the Order.
- Preparation of Gantt-Chart to follow up the order.
- Any Question.
- Revision.
- Conclusion.

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Factory Owners, Managing Directors, CEO, Personnel from Planning Department, Knitting Incharge, Dyeing Incharge, Washing Incharge, Personnel of Production, Personnel of Work Study and Time Study.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Mr. Sajed Khan MBA, TU, USA

Executive Director, Doel Group of Industries Ltd.

Mr. Sajed Khan has served in garments sector for last 20 years with following profiles: Executive Director of Opex Group, Director Merchandising, Planning and Production of Sunman Group, Director Planning of Harvest Rich (Which is now Benetex), Executive Director of Delta Group, Head of Production of Beximco Group.

Mr. Sajed Khan, in addition to his service, is also delivering lecture on various subjects on Garments for last twelve years in almost all reputed Garments Institution in Bangladesh like BUFT, NIFT,CFTM, LCMI.
Major subject of his teaching areas are: 1. Knit Garments Merchandising. 2. Woven Garments Merchandising. 3. Knit Garments Consumption and Costing. 4. Woven Garments Consumption and Costing. 5. Production Planning in Knit. 6. Production Planning in Woven. 7. Work Study and Time Study in Garments. 8. How to set up factory for Compliance Audit. 9. Sample Management in Garments. 10. Supply Chain Management in Garments. 11. Quality Control in Garments. 12. How to set up Factory with proper Man, Machines, Systems and Documentsfor better Production and Quality for Commercial viability. 13. How to handle LC in Garments Business. 14. How to set up Garments Buying House in Bangladesh and its Functional Activities. And many more subjects.
He is also a Consultant in Garments Sector and is doing consultancy on followings: 1. Setting up of Knit Factory with proper Man, Machine and Equipment. 2. Setting up of Woven Factory with proper Man, Machine and Equipment. 3. Improving Production and Quality of Knit and Woven Factory. 4. Setting up Factory for any Compliance Audit. 5. Upgrading the efficiency of Merchandiser and Production people of Factory for Proper Merchandising and Production. 6. Apprising Top Management people on understanding Factory Capability, Asking CM, Marketing and Production Target in respect to Man, Machine and Factory Expenses. He is also doing consultancy on request on any subject of Knit and Woven Factory.

Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group Discussion