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Practical Accounting Training


Accounting in Books is Significantly different from accounting in practice. To some extent practical accounting is easier than theoretical accounting. All what you need to be successful in accounting profession is to have strong fundamental concepts of different areas of accounting control over spreadsheets and accounting packages This course is designed to bolster your existing knowledge of accounting integrate that with professional experiences and technologies.

Learning Outcomes
1. Learn Concept and Principles of VAT
2. How to do VAT Accounting for VAT Payable/ Receivable/ Neutral
3. How to handle Export and Imports?
4. Refresh and redevelop key accounting theories and practices
5. Develop practical skills required for Accounts Management profession
6. Develop practical skills required for Cost Accounting profession
7. Know how to integrate spreadsheet and accounting packages to improve productivity


PowerPoint Presentation

Contents of Training:

Session:1 (Introduction to transaction and Double entry system)
 Business transactions, Documentation & Accounting Concept
 Accounting equation mechanisms & Getting Rid of Misconceptions
 Recording, summarizing and posting transactions
 Through spreadsheet model posting all transaction

Session:2 (Accumulation General ledger and Manage accounts)
 Understand the overall accounting process and completing ledger accounts
 Develop Chart of accounts
 Correcting and update ledger account with ease
 Developing Spreadsheet models for Accounts Management.

Session:3 (Completing ledger accounts and financial statements)
 Prepare Real life trial balance form Bank Statement Data
 Prepare Profit and Loss /Income statement (Regular and Periodic)
 Prepare Balance Sheet (Regular and Periodic)
 Prepare Cash flow statements (Regular and Periodic)

Session:4 (Reconciliation, VAT Treatment, Correction & Adjustment)
 Bank Reconciliation, Correction and Adjustment
 Receivable management and reconciliation
 Payable management and reconciliation
 Concepts of Control accounts
 Prepare adjusted and Corrected financial statements

Session: 5 (Payroll Management, VDS & TDS)
 Processing payroll transactions into the accounting system
 Payroll Processing
 Wages control account management
 TDS calculation and practical approach

Session:6 (Input & Output VAT, Inventory, Fixed Assets & Audit Activities)
 Inventory Management
 Accounting for Fixed assets and Depreciation
 Statutory Financial reporting
 Audit Activities

Session:7 (Efficient use of Spreadsheets and Accounting software usages)
 Introduction Cloud accounting software
 Easy Collaborate with bookkeeping, accounting and data management
 Improve project budgeting and gain critical insight into your business data
 Step toward strategic issues and top level Accounting

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For Accountants/Finance Executives and Managers
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.