Advanced Communication Skill for Managers training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Communication Skill for Managers


This advanced course focuses on communication in the context of information flow, control & decision-making exclusively designed for the Managers.

By attending this course one will discover the key secrets of fundamental relationship between communication & control. Just like finance ensures the smooth running of a team or organization by organizing the flow of money, advanced communication skills organize the flow of information throughout the organization.

What Will You Learn?
• Build agile teams that can rapidly respond to change.
• Improve awareness; think more clearly and communicate more concisely
• Make better decisions faster
• Use communication skills to create better plans
• How to communicate with people
• Use communication skills to improve implementation & performance
• Learn fast and more effectively
• Communicate with clarity and confidence


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

Session One:
• Developing awareness of how impact is created
• What else would you like over the five days of this course?
• What does 'Communicating with Impact' mean to you?
• Making an Impact
• Communication dynamics - how it works
• Listening as a communications tool
• Listening with Empathy
• First Impressions and Attitude
• Assertiveness and Aggression
• Defusing conflict and arguments
• Body Language

Session Two:
• Exploring Influencing through the Power of voice
• Language and storytelling
• Breathing technique
• Stabilizing nervousness
• Improve volume control
• Voice projection
• Tone - The underlying intention of the message
• Speed -The subliminal effects of fast and slow speech
• Rhythm -Using pause and pace to create interest

Session Three:
• Pitch - Exploring the music in voice and language
• Increasing the power and impact of the voice
• Cultural differences in language styles and sound of the voice
• Stereotypes and assumptions which are set by vocal tone and nonverbal behaviors
• Linguistic styles of modern Anglo Saxon speech
• Words people use reveals their thinking, learning style and perception
• Story telling - Creating stories to communicate a specific idea
• Exploring internal and external motivators
• Project Buster an influencing strategy to get commitment and buy-in from people

Session Four:
• Non- verbal communication
• Handling Difficult Messages
• Dealing with crisis communications
• How behavior and communication styles together create a perception in the minds of others
• It's not what we have said but what the other person thinks we have said that is important
• Sometimes our words say one thing but our tone and actions will speak louder
• Understand how we are perceived by others
• 30-second Impact
• Choosing your Status
• Choosing the impact you make

Session Five:
• Gaining confidence
• Feeling and behaving more assertively
• Dealing with different levels in the business (externally as well as internally)
• Not being manipulated
• Setting clear boundaries
• Delivering tough messages while maintaining positive relationships
• Communication Cycle - Thought- Spoken- Heard -Understood - Agreed to - Acted on - Implemented
• Styles and Difficult People
• Feedback and how to make it best support moving things forward
• Internal boundaries - how people can become stressed or 'difficult' when they are crossed
• Art of Saying No - Techniques on assertiveness issues
• Having difficult conversations

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