Essential Skills for Supply Chain Professionals training centre in Bangladesh


Essential Skills for Supply Chain Professionals


A. Description of Supply Chain Management

Defining supply Chain

B. Objectives of the Course

Give a brief understanding about Supply Chain management

Explaining different stages of Supply Chain Management

Best Practice of Supply Chain Management

Exploring the Drivers of Supply Chain

Understanding the Process view of Supply Chain

C. How it will benefits Participants

Participants will understand the main concept SCM

Participants will explore the major component of SCM Process

Using Drivers of Supply Chain Management

Implementing a Cost Effective Supply Chain Management Strategy at their organization



Contents of Training:

Session 01:

What is Supply Chain Management?

How it Works?

Difference between Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Main Component of Supply Chain

Session 02:

Flows in a Supply Chain

The Objective of a Supply Chain

Drivers of Supply Chain

Drivers of Supply Chain Performance

A Framework for Structuring Drivers
The Role of Distribution in the Supply Chain

Group Work:

Participants will design a Supply Chain Diagram of a manufacturing Firm

(which produce Milk/ Dairy/ Food Item)

Session 03:

Decision Phases in a Supply Chain

Supply Chain Strategy or Design

Supply Chain Planning and Operation

Identifying EOQ of SCM

Examples of Supply Chain in Best Practice

Group Work:

Participants will suggest a Supply Chain Management Process for a Chain Shop

(Meenabazar or Agora any other as per choice)
Session 04:

Process View of a Supply Chain

Cycle View of Supply Chains

Push/Pull View of Supply Chains

Supply Chain Operations Reference Model (SCOR)
Session 05:

Examples of Supply Chain in Best Practice

The Role of Distribution in the Supply Chain

Recent Issues in supply chain management

Recap and Question answer Class 1, 2, 3 and 4

D. Group Discussion

E. Question & Answers Session

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1) Official involved in Export, Import, Indenting and International Business.
2) Importers, Exporters, Bankers, Shipping Agents and new Entrepreneurs.
3) Official engaged in Ready made Garments & Buying House.
4) Professionals who are willing to job in the International Trading Organization and Multinational companies in home and abroad.
5) Who are willing to learn Practical Oriented International Business.
6) Business Manager, Commercial Manager, Marketing Manager, Marketing Executive.
7) Students, Fresh Graduate, & Job seekers.
8) SME & Women Entrepreneurs.
9) Persons dealing with L/C & Back to Back L/C Operation.
10) Supply Chain Professionals