Merchandising in Knit Garments training centre in Bangladesh


Merchandising in Knit Garments


Equip yourself with all the Tools and Techniques of Merchandising of Knit Sector in One Day. Be an efficient Merchandiser, get confidence in dealing with all orders and boost up your monthly remuneration.

The Merchandiser is the pivoting person in garments business, who maintain the relationship in-between Buyer and the Factory. He receive Order Sheet from Buyer, analyze, does costing, quote price, negotiate price, confirm price, arranges all merchandise, execute the order and maintain all correspondences with the Buyer. As such the Merchandising job has become a technocrat job in the garment sector, for which need special skill to handle any order. This workshop will educate a person to equip himself with all the knowledge of merchandising and will give him the confidence of handling any order in efficient way. He will also learn how an order is developed from receiving of Order-Sheet from Buyer upto shipment and payment realization.


Interactive Lecture
PowerPoint Presentation
Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

1. What do we understand by Merchandiser and Who is Merchandiser.

2. What is the Role of a Merchandiser in Garments Business.

3. What is the total Chain of Work in Garments Business.

4. What is Buyer, Buying House, Local Agent, Chain Store, Retailer and how do they Function.

5. What is Order Sheet/Product Package and how to analyse the Order Sheet/Product Package.

6. How to equip oneself to become a good Knit Merchandiser.

7. Techniques of email writings and order tracking.

8. How to source new Buyers.

9. What all are the types of fabric used in Knit garments in terms of Content and Knitting Patterns.

10. What is Color Standard, Labdip, Strike Off, Skein and Handloom.

11. How to develop an order from receiving of Product Package upto shipment.

12. What all are the Samples a Merchandiser will have to handle and what is their implications in garments business.

13. How to prepare Time & Action Calendar to execute any order.

14. How to prepare a Gantt Chart to control the order.


15. How to give booking for Yarn, Knitting-Machine and Fabric.

16. How to assess requirement of Yarn and Fabric in consideration to wastage and process loss.

17. What is FOB, C&F and CIF Costing.

18. What all are the Sea and Air Route used for Garments Transportation ? what is Feeder and Mother Vassels and how do they operate.

19. What is Freight Forwarder, Stuffing Agent and Consolidators.

20. Role of Courier services in Garments Business.

21. What is Labtest and what all are labtest requirement for Knit garments.

22. How to develope Printing, Embroidery, Washing and Value Addition Work.

23. How to do the Freight Calculation.

24. What all are the types of Containers used in ships what are their capacities.

25. What is FCL, LCL, Bill of Lading, Master Airway Bill, House Airway Bill, Tracking Number ?

26. What is Master L/C and how to open BB L/C.

27. How to prepare a Cost Approval Sheet.

28. How to prepare a Order Performance Sheet.





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"The training was very helpful, I thoroughly enjoyed the training " - Manar Reza Chowdhury, Merchandiser, Calzedonia S.p.A
The way I have been taught was really excellent and hope it will help me in future to do best. - Khairul Hassan, Director & CEO, BANCOTEX Ltd.
Knowledge based workshop. - Md. Yousuf, Chairman, Anontex Group
Superb delivered lecture. Everyone can understand and gain knowledge on the particular issue. - Md. Moinul Islam, CEO, ISM Corporation
The Workshop was excellent to Me. It Will help me to take sound decision in future.
This kind of workshop is helpful for correct work guideline, please do continue - Saifullah Mamun, Asrotex.
1. Factory or Buying House Owner / Directors.
2. Mercahndisers.
3. Any other person interested to learn merchandising in knit garments.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.