Managerial Leadership for RMG Professionals (NLP Base) training centre in Bangladesh


Managerial Leadership for RMG Professionals (NLP Base)


Leadership is more than title and position, telling others what to do, or Different leadership styles work better for different people—individuals must identify their leadership strengths and weaknesses to help identify which leadership model is best. having authority and power. Rather, it is a process of collaborating with others to create positive change. This workshop will help you deconstruct outdated ways of thinking about leadership and highlight practices needed to address complex problems for a complex world.

How participants will benefit after course
Participants will gain practical knowledge directly applicable to their work environment and prepare to take on higher levels of responsibility. Through training, participants become ready for common leadership and management challenges. They begin the process of establishing a personal leadership development plan to address these issues.


The training combines theory and practice by mixing lectures and exercises throughout the session(s). Through in class, participant(s) will have the opportunity to put into practice the techniques introduced in the training

Contents of Training:

• Understanding your true potentials (Feel your emotion & Anger)
• What is your WHY
• Importance of self-awareness
• Personal values and how they contribute to leadership
• Establish goals for self-development

Foundations of Leadership
• Understand the complexity of leadership theory and practice
• Understand the need to apply a critical lens to dominant leadership narratives
• Develop an awareness of identity as a leader
• Crafting a pathway to rebuild thoughts and beliefs about leadership

• Practice applying appropriate verbal and non-verbal communication techniques
• Begin developing an awareness of communicating across differences
• Exercise active listening skills
• Understanding Personal Branding

Conflict Management
• Recognize common sources of conflict as they show up in our lives
• Understand strengths and limitations of the different conflict styles
• Gain confidence in practicing conflict management

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Executive, Mid-level managers in RMG, Buying House, QA, Compliance & Production Management.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.