Mastering in Communication & Negotiation for RMG Professionals training centre in Bangladesh

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Mastering in Communication & Negotiation for RMG Professionals


Be a charismatic communicator in Communication, Negotiation & Presentation Skills through NLP model.

Mastering communication, negations and presentation is the key to success both for individuals building their careers and for the organizations in which they work. Collectively known as ‘soft skills’ the art of communications, negations and presentations will compliment hard skills which are vital occupational requirements. Be highly sought out by employers. Support personal effectiveness and success of individuals. Develop competence and capability to help strengthen personal profile and image drawing on classical learning, psycho-linguistic research and ideas associated with NLP and Emotional Intelligence, this highly interactive and hands-on training course helps participants explore and practice the principles and techniques they need to be effective communicators, negotiator and presenters. Most importantly, it focuses on helping them apply these skills in the workplace as part of a process of continuous learning.

How participants will benefit after course
By the end of the Mastering Communication, Negotiation and Presentation Skills training course, participants will be able to
• Master communications on a one-to-one basis and in group situations such as meetings, negotiations and presentations.
• Build rapport and strengthen their interpersonal relationships and as a result develop their influencing skills.
• Work towards mutually satisfactory agreements through professional negotiations leading – where possible – to win/win solutions.
• Deliver professional presentations to small and large groups with clarity, persuasiveness and confidence.


The training combines theory and practice by mixing lectures and exercises throughout the session(s). Through in class, participant(s) will have the opportunity to put into practice the techniques introduced in the training.

Contents of Training:

• Understanding Communication & Social Style
• Develop the concept of communications to strengthen your communication strategy
• Determine your communication style and learn how to adapt this to a variety of situations
• Understand the concept of NLP and Emotional Intelligence when it comes to communicating with others
• Learn how to bring around change in others or a change to a situation by developing assertive communications
• Understand how strong communication capability can aid in minimizing hostility and conflict

• Understand the definition of Negotiation and the Golden Rules – it’s not a battle!
• Determine the Key Skills of a Negotiator and how they are vital to the Negotiation
• Identify how to prepare for a Negotiation
• Understand the steps to Negotiation Success – it’s about having a structure
• Learn how to deal with difficult negotiators
• Negotiation Skills Practice – experience a Negotiation

• Learn how to create impact through Passion, Power and Presence
• Understand the power of your performance and how it supports your technical capability
• Managing the audience members and Q & A etiquette
• Understand the variety of room layouts to maximize the presentation experience
• The art of public speaking – what you need to consider every time
• Learn how to deliver team presentations
• The advantages and disadvantages of team presentations
• Discover how to present a proposal through a presentation
• Receive feedback on your proposal and how the presentation was delivered
• Managing change in others when implementing proposals
• Programme review and action planning

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Executives, Sr. Executives, Mid-level managers in RMG, Buying House Merchandiser, QA, Compliance & Production management professionals.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.