Commercial Management with Excel Skills training centre in Bangladesh


Commercial Management with Excel Skills


This course is a rare combination of Commercial management and Excel skills.

This training has been designed to enhance the professional capacity in commercial & Procurement area – with a customization of two subject domain. Participants, in the same course, will learn commercial management skill efficiently and start using Excel tools to get a faster and more reliable output.

These two modules are facilitated by respective subject specialists, thus, participants get the subject knowledge in full length.


Exercise, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Chapter 01: How to Be an Efficient Commercial Manager

Session 01:
• Government Import Policy Order
• Government Export Policy Order
• Business Licensing Procedures
• Documentation on Export & Import
• Risk & Cost Minimizing
• Various types of L/C
• UCP-600, UCPDC

Session 02:
• L/C at sight
• Various types of B/L
• Foreign Suppliers Sourcing
• Competitive procurement
• Landing cost calculation Procedures
• Cash Incentive Procedures
• L/C amendment procedures
• Activities with EPB, BGMEA, BKMEA, BTMA
• Customs Duty & VAT
• Port authority charges
• Export Facilities
• International Payment methods

Session 03:
• SWIFT Code & H.S Code
• Various types of S.R.O
• GSP & PRC Procedures
• Shipping Bill and Shipping Guarantee
• Dealing with C&F Agent and Freight Forwarding Agent
• Lien Bank and Offshore Banking
• CCI&E Permission (IRC,ERC )
• Bangladesh Bank Permission

Session 04:
• Various types of Loan
• Required documents for various types of Loan
• Master L/C & Back to Back L/C
• Bond License
• Third Party documents
• Air Freight Calculation
• Bill of Export, Bill of Entry, Bill of Exchange

Chapter 02: Excel skill for Commercial Manager

Session 05:
• Getting Started with Spreadsheet
• Exploring MS Excel
• Cells reference styles
• Cells referencing or addressing
• Excel key board shortcut
• Data modeling concept
• Data Visualization & Data Tools
• Excel function and formula stands for
• IF, nested IF, complex IF function
• Sumifs, Countifs, Averageifs function
• Lookup, Vlookup function
• Subtotal , Sumproduct function

Session 06:
• Visualization using Slicer and Timeline
• Managing table columns
• Excel chart elements
• Plotting secondary axis in chart
• Excel charts customization
• Creating charts using custom template
• Mail merge stands for Mail merge process

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Professionals working in Commercial and Procurement Sectors who want to improve their management efficiency along with advanced excel skills