Compliance in Workplace Based on Labor Law and Rules training centre in Bangladesh


Compliance in Workplace Based on Labor Law and Rules


An important aspect of labor law compliance involves training. This can be a formidable task to Human Resources (HR) professionals because training may involve create own training programs.

The overall objective of this training program is to updated knowledge of Bangladesh labor Rules for the executives responsible for managing human resources/workforce. Develop the skill on identification of applicable Labour Law for industrial relations related to compliance issues.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint presentation, Group discussion, Case study, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

Session 01: Discussion on Act & Rules
 Background of enacting labor law; introduction to act and rules
 Relationship and differences between Act & Rules
 Power to make rules
 Definition of Employer & Worker

Session 02: Service Rules
 Submission & method of approving service rules
 Existing service rules, Amending the service rules, Disclosure of confidential information

Session 03: Service Book, Appointment and Identity Card, Workers
 Service book, size and division of information
 Information in the service book
 Appointment card and identity card
 Presumption as to employment
 Classification of the workers
 Period of probation

Session 04: Contracting agency
 Registration, application of granting, issuance and renewal of the registration and license
 Restrictions on license and receivers of services
 Refund of the security of the license

Session 05: Working hours and leave :
 Daily and weekly working hours
 Intervals for rest and meal
 Weekly holiday & compensation
 Spread-over
 Extra allowance for overtime
 Method of calculating the general rate of overtime allowance
 Limitation of work hours for women
 Restriction on double employment
 Power to exempt
 Casual leave, sick leave, festival holidays & annual leave
 Calculation of wages and payment during leave or holiday period

Session 06: Wages & payment
 Definition of wages
 Responsibility and time of payment of wages
 Deductions for absence from duty, damages or loss, services rendered, recovery of loans or advances etc

Session 07: Maternity benefit
 What is maternity benefit
 Amount of maternity benefit
 Procedure regarding payment of maternity benefit
 Restriction on termination of employment of a woman in certain cases

Session 08: Modes of separation & receivables after separation
 Retirement, Discharge, Death, Termination, Dismissal, Removal, relation of owner and worker due to unavoidable circumstances
 Retrenchment
 Muster-roll, Lay-off, Re-employment of retrenched workers
 Resignation & auto resignation
 Unavailed leave, Gratuity or compensation, Provident fund, unpaid wages, Certificate of service, other benefits if applicable
 Period of payment of final payment

Session 09: Misconduct, disciplinary process and grievance procedure
 Procedure for punishment
 Punishment for misconduct
 Suspension period, Formation of enquiry committee and enquiry report, provision associated with fine etc.
 Grievance procedure

Session 10: Collective bargaining agent and Participation in company’s profit
 Trade Unions, Trade unions and workers and employers, Registration, Collective bargaining agent, Participatory committee and other issues
 Establishment of participation fund and Welfare fund
 Management, investment & utilization of funds
 Eligibility of funds

Questions and answer session on the full session & closure of training

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General Managers/Directors/Entrepreneurs Managers/Senior Managers who lead the organization Any employee specially of HR, Admin & Compliance dept. All line managers/supervisors including Audit Dept. Any person who wants to gather knowledge on Labor Law and Rules.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.