Professional Freelancing Training training centre in Bangladesh


Professional Freelancing Training


Learn everything you need to know to start your freelancer career today and beat the competition on Freelancing Marketplace by marketing your skills effectively. Looking to become an Upwork freelancer working from home?
Having trouble securing that all important first project on Upwork?
Maybe you just want help refining your profile and application process?

Whatever your motivation to become an active Upwork freelancer, you’ve come to the right place to get started on your journey.
Become your own boss today by mastering freelancing platforms and make money quickly as a freelancer.
• Learn step-by-step exactly how to make money on freelancer platforms
• Make money today using skills that you already have
• Monetize the skills that you gained in other SEO EXPARTE BANGLADESH LIMITED classes (SEO, design, web development and many more)
• Learn how you can work from anywhere in the world
• Learn how to manage a location independent freelancing life: SEO, SMM, EMAIL MARKETING ETC.
• Begin your freelancing career by the end of this course!

Unlimited freedom at your fingertips
The easiest way to get started as a freelancer is using existing online marketplaces to market your skills. These marketplaces already have potential buyers, an infrastructure and a system to market your services.
You don’t need to build anything from scratch. You just need to create a compelling reason for buyers on these platforms to use your services.
What's great about being a freelancer is that you can live from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. Your instructors actually wrote this description on a amazing beach in Thailand, after having spent their morning scuba diving.

Course Overview:
Suitable for anyone who has the drive to start a freelancing career, this course contains 42 lectures and over four hours of video.
We start by teaching you on which platforms you can apply and monetize the skills that you've learned from your work experience, your education or from other SEO EXPARTE courses.
We'll provide you with a step-by-step system that takes you through the process of starting your first apply in freelancing marketplace. We then teach you exactly how to beat the competition by making your experience more attractive than the best selling work in your category.
We'll teach you a little known strategy on Upwork to stand out from the competition and attract the clients that you want to work with. We show you how to build long term relationships with these clients instead of focusing on getting as many jobs as possible by competing on price.
Students completing the course will be able to start their freelancing career within weeks, if not within days. Complete with practical exercises, cheat sheets and to-do lists, the course will also give you the tools and knowledge to manage your life as a freelancer and make the switch from 9-to-5 to freelancing.



Contents of Training:

1. Let Me Introduce You To The Upwork Freelancing Journey I’ll Be Taking You On. ( 6 Lectures)
• You May Be Thinking What The Actual Goal Of This Course Is, So Let Me Explain
• The Proof Of Me Getting My First Upwork Job 24 Hours After Becoming A Freelancer
• There Is So Much Potential On Upwork To Earn An Income, Let Me Explain Why
• Freelancers have earned over $10,000 working with me on Upwork.
• One Upwork power tip that I hope makes this course worth it!
• Before Embarking On Your Upwork Journey Get Into The Right Frame Of Mind

2. Let Me Give You An Overview Of How The Freelancer Marketplace Upwork Operates. ( 4 Lectures)
• So For Those Of You Who Are Newbies, Let Me Tell You Exactly What Upwork Is
• This Is Exactly How The Upwork Freelancer Marketplace Works
• I Want You To Be Aware Of Why You Should Be Focussing On Upwork As A Freelancer
• The Longevity Of The Upwork Platform Is Something That Has Been Asked By People

3. Let Me Now Show You How To Craft A Pitch Perfect Profile As An Upwork Freelancer ( 11 Lectures)
• In This Section We’re Going To Focus On Optimizing Your Upwork Profile
• To Start With You Need To Position Your Profile Towards Your Skills
• Writing An Engaging Overview Sells Your Profile, Take Inspiration From Mine
• Something I Need To Mention Here Is Make Sure You Focus On A Niche
• Remember To Take As Many Upwork Tests As Are Relevant
• Creating A Portfolio As I’ve Done Here Is Key, Let Me Show You How To Do This
• Now Comes The Question Of How Much Your Hourly Rate Should Be
• This Is When You Should Raise Your Hourly Rate On Upwork
• You Should Focus On Building Reviews On Your Profile Fast
• I Want You To Make Sure Your Profile Is As Close To 100% As Possible
• Assignment 1 - Craft A Pitch Perfect Upwork Freelancer Profile

4. This Is How To Apply For Jobs Like A Professional Freelancer On The Upwork Site. ( 7 Lectures)
• Before You Apply For Jobs You Need To Be Aware Of The Jobs Available
• Now Comes The Question What Jobs Should You Be Applying For
• Use This Application Script, As It Provides Me The Best Hire Rate Over Others
• Make Yourself Seem Human And Offer To Jump On Skype To Discuss Further
• I Want You To Really Ask Yourself The Question, If You Can Complete The Job Well
• Have You Thought Of Using The Fiverr Marketplace To Help You Complete Jobs
• Assignment 2 - Apply For Your First Project Like A Professional Freelancer

5. Let Me Show You How To Deal With Difficult Clients As A Freelancer On Upwork ( 3 Lectures)
• Before I Jump Into Dealing With Difficult Clients, This Is Why You May Get Them
• Let Me Show You Exactly How Not To Respond To Difficult Clients
• This Is Exactly How You Should Be Dealing With Difficult Clients

6. Let Me Briefly Touch On The Ways To Expand Your Freelancing Career. ( 7 Lectures)
• Utilize The Power Of These Platforms, They May Contain Further Customers
• Remember To Use This Free Powerful Graphic Design Tool To Offer More Services
• I Do Recommend You Use This Inexpensive Video Editing Program To Gain More Jobs
• Have You Ever Thought Of Learning A New Craft And Offering That Service
• I Want You To Be Aware That You Should Master One Marketplace First
• As You Complete More Jobs You'll Automatically Get Offers On Upwork For Work
• Assignment 3 - Map Out Ways In Which You Can Expand Your Freelancing Career

7. It’s Now Time To Take Action And Land Your Very First Job On Upwork ( 4 Lectures)
• I Am Officially Challenging You To Get Your First Client On Upwork
• I Practice What I Preach, So If You're On Upwork I Will Hire You Myself For Jobs
• I Really Want You Take In This Piece Of Advice When Starting As A Freelancer
• Now Let Me Give You A Course Round-Up Before Setting You Free

8. What I have learned hiring hundreds of freelancers on Upwork. ( 5 Lectures)
• Working with the same freelancer over time is better than hiring many.
• You do not need a lot of clients to hire you. Just a few good ones is enough.
• Jobs that need ongoing work provide the biggest opportunities.
• People that make a video for me impress me the most.
• How do you feel about your chance to level up your Upwork profile?

9. Special Bonus Class ( 6 Lectures)
• What is seo
• Seo Technique
• What is ON page optimization
• What is Off page optimization
• What is Social media marketing
• What is Email Marketing.

• Students should have their academic and work history available.
• Students should have a hunger for more freedom and should be ready to take action to start making money on Freelancing Marketplace.
• Students must be aware that everything in this course helped me to gain my first project within 24 hours, so all the steps mentioned in the course must be followed.