Strategic Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management training centre in Bangladesh


Strategic Procurement and Supplier Relationship Management

  • Date : Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • Duration : Day(9.30 am-5.30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 1 Day
  • Class Schedule : Saturday
  • Last Date of Registration : 11 April, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


Strategic procurement incorporates actions aimed at reducing the supplier base, negotiations, communication and maintaining long-term relationships with suppliers. It is particularly relevant in light of globalization the development of cost-saving communications and widely available IT, improved logistics and procedures, dynamic competition, high consumer demands, increasing environmental awareness and requirements for transparency. All these developments make operative procurement tasks obsolete and calls for a more strategic approach aligned with the wider organizational strategy. Some common mistakes that companies can make in relation to their procurement strategies include purchasing without defined tasks, failing to find the balance between central and local purchasing, failing to achieve efficiency despite suitable purchasing tools, or sole concentration on design and development with SRM in Supply Chain Management.

Objectives of the Course:

• Give a brief understanding about Procurement & SRM
• Explaining different stages of Procurement & SRM
• Best Practice of Strategic Procurement

How it will benefits Participants:

• Participants will understand the main concept SP & SRM
• Implementing a Cost Effective Strategic Procurement Strategy at their organization
• Implementing Best Practice of Strategic Procurement & SRM


Lecture & discussion, Power Point Presentation, Group work and presentation, Experience sharing, Role play in practical life, Case study exercises, Video clip.

Contents of Training:

A. Type of Organization

- Key differences with different types of organization based on SP & SCM

B. Supply Chain Management

- Relation with Procurement & SCM

C. Strategic Procurement

- What is Strategic Procurement?
- GOALS of Strategic Procurement
- Economic Value of Strategic Procurement
- The Key Players of Strategic Procurement
- Critical Elements of Strategic Procurement

Group Work:

- Participants will design a Procurement Diagram of a manufacturing Firm

D. Strategic Procurement process

- Establish Baseline Metrics of Strategic Procurement
- Critical Success Factors
- Total Cost Approach
- Strategic Procurement process
- Strategic Procurement Procedure

Group Work:

- Participants will Procure of CM/Raw Materials/Service
- Centralized or Decentralized Procurement
- Procurement Collaboration
- Approaches of Procurement
- The Value Chain

Group Discussion:

- How Participants can implement standard procurement management at their organization

Question & Answers Session

*** Supplier Relationship Management ***

* Supplier Relationship Management Description
* Outcomes of Supplier Relationship Management
* Why Supplier Relationship Management needed
* Supplier Management Matrix
* Developing Successful Supplier Partnerships
* Keys to Successful Partnerships
* Supplier Evaluation and Certification
* Supplier Development

Group Discussion

Question & Answers Session

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The professionals engaged in Supply Chain, Export, Import, Procurement, Logistics, Distribution ,Shipping, Freight Forwarding ,Customs, Courier , Supply, Marketing, Specially Fresher, Post Graduate Business Students, SCM Training and more those are involved in Private Sector, Public sector and Nonprofit organizations (NGOs)
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Shah Mohammad Asif Mahmud, CSCM™, MILT

In charge, Supply Chain Management

Mr. Shah Md. Asif Mahmud is serving as an In charge at the Supply Chain Management division of the country’s one of the largest Medical Devices Manufacturer Company. Previously he worked with SUMMIT Communications Ltd. , NIPRO JMI Company Ltd., EDISON Group, Spectrum Engineering Consortium Ltd and Spotlight. He has experience in working at NTTN service provider, Medical Device Manufacturing, Group of Companies, ITC and Marketing Service industry.

He has vast experience in Supply Chain, Procurement, Commercial, Logistics Activation and Event Management. He has started his career as a Supply Chain trainer last years ago through conducting in house training for his colleagues. Besides his daily works he is always tend to develop and enhance human skills at a significant standard. His area of expertise is Procurement, Vendor Management, Vendor Relationships, New Vendor Development, Supply Chain Operations, Warehouse Management, Youth movement, Activation, Event organizing.

Till date Mr. Asif Mahmud has attended near about Thirty five professionals training programs conducted by well-known professionals from home and abroad. He earned International CSCM from ISCEA. He successfully completed International Diploma in Transport and Logistics under CILT, UK and Post-Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management form ABP, UK. He retains his B. Com (Hons) from NU having major in MGT. He completed his MBS from NU of Bangladesh having major in MGT. He is also entitled with PGDBM degree from Bangladesh Institute of Management.

Lecture & discussion, Power Point Presentation, Group work and presentation, Experience sharing, Role play in practical life, Case study exercises, Video clip.