Secrets of Effective Communication Skills training centre in Bangladesh


Secrets of Effective Communication Skills

  • Date : 07 - 23 April 2019
  • Duration : Evening(6:30 pm-9:30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 6 sessions
  • Class Schedule : Sunday and Tuesday
  • Total Hours : 18
  • Last Date of Registration : 6 April, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


This course has been developed for people whose mother tongue is not English. Considerable emphasis is on practicing the skills necessary & developing Communication Strategies that work.

This training helps the delegates to understand the impact that effective communication on other people, and how improving the communication skills can make life easier & build a relationship with colleagues in the office and also with near & dear ones in personal lives.

Working knowledge of verbal & written English

Learning Outcome
Attendees to this training will learn to develop & apply communication strategies that are appropriate for different situations & get the best out of everyone including themselves (self-talk).



Contents of Training:

Module 1: Objective & Route Map
• Introduction to ‘Effective Communication Skills’
• The importance of ‘Objectivity’ in Communication
• Roles We Play in Our Daily Interactions with Others – Personal or Professional

Module 2: Communication Skills
• Cornerstones of Influence & Persuasion
• Identifying and Adjusting your Communication Style
• Five Communication Styles
• The 6 Cs of Communication
• The Four-Step Cycle of Communication
• The Dynamics of Communication
• What is in it for you & them?
• Communication is a Two-Way Street

Module 3: Face-To-Face Communication
o The Three Components of Communication
o First Impressions
o Appearance
o The Importance of Being Positive
o Using the Right Words
o What ‘Expectations’ have you set for the other person?
o The use of words, body language & tone in making your communication more effective
o How you engage the other person?
o The importance of ‘Preparing’ for important communication for higher impact

Module 4: Telephonic Communication
• Overcoming the Challenges of Telephone Communication
• Improving Telephone Communication
• Factors of Voice
• Advantages & Disadvantages of Telephonic Communication : Mastering The Telephone
• Answering The Telephone
• A Professional Greeting
• Putting Callers On Hold & Transferring A Call
• Taking A Message
• Voice Mail
• Closing The Call

Module 5: Written Communication
• Tips for Types of Messages
• The Power of Words
• Right First Time
• Keep it Concise
• Address your target
• Keep it Simple
• Your Three Stage Structure

Module 6: Question & Listening Skills
• How Asking Question Helps You
• Open and Closed Questions
• Verbal Signs of Active Listening
• Non-Verbal Signs of Active Listening
• Active Listening
• The Five Levels of Listening

Module 7: How to be an Effective Communicator?
• Your & Their Levels of Understanding
• Dismantling your Assumptions & Prejudices
• Your Preconceptions: Stereotyping
• Your & Their Conditioning (History & Experiences)
• Asking for Feedback & Giving Feedback
• How to Find Out What Others Think About You
• Is your Self-Image Appropriate?
• Getting your Self-Image Right
• The Wheel of Communication

Module 8: Overcoming Communication Problems
• Four Tips for Delivering Difficult Messages
• How to be Assertive & dealing With Conflict
• Dealing With Opposition
• Barriers to Communication

Module 9: Getting Better Results
• Best Practices For Communicating Effectively
• Timing: What’s Best For Them
• The Effect of Position, Credibility & Location
• Intimidation
• Do’s & Don’ts of Effective Communication.

Module 10: Your Action Plan

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Resource Person

Mohammad Khaleque (Mak)

Soft Skill Consultant, Coach & Trainer

Mohammd Khaleque (Mak) is a coach & soft skills trainer who has more than 41 years of work experience in the airline, hospitality, & training industry.

While working at Emirates Group of Companies from 1979 to 2010 he held key positions in sales, commercial & the Aviation College of Emirates Airlines in Dubai. Prior to coming to Dubai, he worked briefly with British Airways & James Finlay & Co., in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Working as one of the Regional Commercial Managers in Emirates Airlines for nearly ten years he had the privilege of mentoring & coaching many UAE National Management Trainees to take on important positions in Emirates Airlines mostly as Area Managers.

Mak has trained over 40,000 people from various corporates/industries mostly in the United Arab Emirates and also provided coaching services to many others mostly in the area of sales coaching, life coaching & career coaching.

He is an ardent fan of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - he is a certified NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Train The Trainer, as well as a certified NLP Coach. He brings a host of NLP skills & techniques to his training and coaching business and has been highly successful in making a positive difference in the lives of many that he trained & coached.

Mak is now self-employed and fully engaged in helping his clients through corporate training, one-to-one & group coaching and also dabbling with selling online video courses that include sales, customer service, self-development, leadership and other related soft skills.