Secrets of Effective Communication Skills training centre in Bangladesh


Secrets of Effective Communication Skills


This course has been developed for people whose mother tongue is not English. Considerable emphasis is on practicing the skills necessary & developing Communication Strategies that work.

This training helps the delegates to understand the impact that effective communication on other people, and how improving the communication skills can make life easier & build a relationship with colleagues in the office and also with near & dear ones in personal lives.

Working knowledge of verbal & written English

Learning Outcome
Attendees to this training will learn to develop & apply communication strategies that are appropriate for different situations & get the best out of everyone including themselves (self-talk).



Contents of Training:

Module 1: Objective & Route Map
• Introduction to ‘Effective Communication Skills’
• The importance of ‘Objectivity’ in Communication
• Roles We Play in Our Daily Interactions with Others – Personal or Professional

Module 2: Communication Skills
• Cornerstones of Influence & Persuasion
• Identifying and Adjusting your Communication Style
• Five Communication Styles
• The 6 Cs of Communication
• The Four-Step Cycle of Communication
• The Dynamics of Communication
• What is in it for you & them?
• Communication is a Two-Way Street

Module 3: Face-To-Face Communication
o The Three Components of Communication
o First Impressions
o Appearance
o The Importance of Being Positive
o Using the Right Words
o What ‘Expectations’ have you set for the other person?
o The use of words, body language & tone in making your communication more effective
o How you engage the other person?
o The importance of ‘Preparing’ for important communication for higher impact

Module 4: Telephonic Communication
• Overcoming the Challenges of Telephone Communication
• Improving Telephone Communication
• Factors of Voice
• Advantages & Disadvantages of Telephonic Communication : Mastering The Telephone
• Answering The Telephone
• A Professional Greeting
• Putting Callers On Hold & Transferring A Call
• Taking A Message
• Voice Mail
• Closing The Call

Module 5: Written Communication
• Tips for Types of Messages
• The Power of Words
• Right First Time
• Keep it Concise
• Address your target
• Keep it Simple
• Your Three Stage Structure

Module 6: Question & Listening Skills
• How Asking Question Helps You
• Open and Closed Questions
• Verbal Signs of Active Listening
• Non-Verbal Signs of Active Listening
• Active Listening
• The Five Levels of Listening

Module 7: How to be an Effective Communicator?
• Your & Their Levels of Understanding
• Dismantling your Assumptions & Prejudices
• Your Preconceptions: Stereotyping
• Your & Their Conditioning (History & Experiences)
• Asking for Feedback & Giving Feedback
• How to Find Out What Others Think About You
• Is your Self-Image Appropriate?
• Getting your Self-Image Right
• The Wheel of Communication

Module 8: Overcoming Communication Problems
• Four Tips for Delivering Difficult Messages
• How to be Assertive & dealing With Conflict
• Dealing With Opposition
• Barriers to Communication

Module 9: Getting Better Results
• Best Practices For Communicating Effectively
• Timing: What’s Best For Them
• The Effect of Position, Credibility & Location
• Intimidation
• Do’s & Don’ts of Effective Communication.

Module 10: Your Action Plan

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All staff including Managers, Supervisors, and Team-Leaders – plus anyone who wants to improve their communication skills for better work efficiencies & to foster healthy relationships.