Complete Tally.ERP 9 Certificate Course training centre in Bangladesh


Complete Tally.ERP 9 Certificate Course


Tally.ERP 9 has advanced integration capabilities in the form of Application programming interfaces to make the software extensible. Tally is the most demanding ERP software available in the market. The course content is going to teach students in detail on how to mange and account, Inventory and payroll in Tally.

The program ensures increase in productivity of your staff through improved usage of Tally which includes learning basic accounting, document printing like Invoices & Purchase Orders, Inventory accounting & Management, Statutory compliance like TDS, VAT, Service Tax, Excise etc.

The program can be extended to your Sales & Purchase division staff which will cover Order booking, tracking & Management. The EDP in charge or the administrator can be trained to define security & rights for each user, proper data backup & management & list of Do’s & Don’ts for smooth operations of Tally.


Practical, Interactive,

Contents of Training:

Tally.ERP 9 Accounting Module:

1st Session:
• Introduction
• Gateway of tally menu and buttons
• How to create, alter a company
• Company menu
• Chart of accounts design in Tally
• What is group, sub-group and how to create them
• How to create Single ledger and multiple ledger

2nd Session:
• Configurations of tally
• Description of Fourteen Types of Accounting vouchers
• What is and how to create cost center/profit center
• Practical vouchers and their posting
• Bill wise accounting

3rd Session:
• Detail Description of Accounting feature of tally
• Accounting and inventory integration
• Multi-currency
• Interest Calculation on credit sales and purchase
• Bank reconciliation
• Check register maintenance
• Post - dated cheque management.
• Day book
• Cash / Petty Cash book
• Bank book
• Ledger books
• Statement of accounts
• Statistics
• Cost center wise report
• Budget and control (Create/Alter)
• Budget, actual and variance
• Balance sheet
• Profit and loss account
• Trial balance
• Cash flow and fund flow
• Day sales and purchasing register etc.
• Tally backup & restore data
• Data export in excel, pdf.
• Report e-mailing

Tally.ERP 9 Inventory Module:

4th Session:
• Inventory Concept
• Create, Alter a stock group, Stock Unit (Unit of Measure)
• Create, Alter a Godown
• Create, Alter a Stock item
• Costing methods (FIFO, LIFO, Average etc in Tally)
• Configurations of tally

5th Session:
• Detail Description of Inventory feature of tally
• Sales, Purchase Transaction Projection
(Advance Inventory with Bill Wise Details)
• Inventory Vouchers
• Receipt, Payment, Journal
• Debit Note, Credit Note
• Multiple Price Level/Price list

6th Session:
• Sales Order, Purchase order management
• Sales, Purchase Transaction Projection (with VAT)
• VAT payment
• Discount set up
• Bill of Material (BOM) & Manufacturing journal
• Goods transfer from one location to another location

7th Session:
• How to create group item, assemble.
• Accounting & Inventory Integration
• Separate accounts entry for HO and store
• Track Additional cost of Purchase
• Reorder Level
• Job costing
• Job work in and Job work out

Tally.ERP 9 Payroll Module:

8th Session:
• Employee group creation
• Unit of work
• Payroll Configuration in Tally
• Attendance Type
• Pay head
• Salary Details
• Payroll Voucher
• Payroll Auto fill
• Employee Advance Payment
• PF Payment
• Employee Income Tax Payment
• Pay slip
• Pay sheet
• Various Attendance Report
• Various Pay head Report
• Employee Group Wise Report
• Bank Advice
• Password and control
• Examination
• Open discussion
• Student feedback
• Conclusion

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