Workshop on Corporate Manners & Etiquette training centre in Bangladesh


Workshop on Corporate Manners & Etiquette


Personal grooming is important to fit into corporate environments. Executives, especially in MNCs and foreign organisations & embassies, are expected to have or acquire a minimum level of sophistication. This soft skill is a must for mixing with outsiders or traveling abroad. Unfortunately, some younger executives lack such finesse. Therefore, there is a need for a formal course which moulds unacceptable behaviour.

Benefits Participants will get to learn about the standards of conduct and behavior expected of corporate executives. They will appreciate how Western cultural norms have influenced everyday mannerisms in the workplace, especially respect & sensitivity. They will represent their companies to outsiders with confidence and give a good impression.

How participants will benefit after training
Participants will appreciate the importance of grooming and body language and:
(a) will be conscious about their hygiene & appearance
(b) carry themselves well when meeting outsiders and traveling abroad
(c) show appropriate table manners
(d) use body language to exude confidence
(e) remain mindful about the reputation of the company, &
(f) develop a spirit of team-work & collaboration.


Lecture, power point, white board, role play & handout. Class participation will be encouraged.

Contents of Training:

(a) Common Greetings & Telephone Manners
(b) Using Common Areas
(c) Personal Grooming & Hygiene
(d) Security, Confidentiality & Privacy
(e) Diversity & Cultural Sensitivity
(f) Body Language
(g) Conducting Meetings, &
(h) Table Manners

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Young executives serving in MNCs, international NGOs, embassies, & large corporate.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.