Strategic Leadership in Turbulent Times training centre in Bangladesh


Strategic Leadership in Turbulent Times


We are going through tumultuous times now. Change is the only constant and it is altering the way we work, the way we contribute to team and society. The way we think. Unless we understand our own selves better, and the people we lead, it is difficult to ensure visionary progress for self and brand.

In absence of specific skills as a leader how do we ensure that people follow us day in and day out?

Do we understand what is it inside us that inspires us to rise to the challenge. How do we leverage our inner most potential?

How do we create the leaders of tomorrow?

These and much more would be discussed in the workshop as participants get to witness leadership in action, not just through presentations but by doing things in a simulated work environment. Interactive exercises, AV clippings of leadership action, and some globally best practices would be shared in the workshop.


Individual Exercise, Group Tasks, Role Plays, Case Analysis, AV media, Instructor Led Discussions.

Contents of Training:

1. Concept of Leadership
2. Leading Vs Managing Vs Working
3. Examples of Leadership
4. Need for Strategic Leadership in a Changing Global Order
5. Evolution of Leadership
6. Approaches to Leadership

7. My Leadership Style ( Psychometric Profiling Tools )
a. Situational Leadership
b. D I S C
c. Blake Mouton Grid
d. Thomas Kilman

8. Leadership and Change Management
9. Leadership and Values
10. Leadership and Vision, Mission
11. Leadership and Strategic Planning
12. Leadership and People Management
13. Leadership and Communication
14. Leadership and Creative Problem Solving
15. Leadership and the Balanced Score Card

16. Summarizing Key Learning
17. My SMART Action Plan to implement Key Learning

18. Creating a 90 days Facilitation Plan to implement Key Learning

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"Today's workshop is really very helpful for my career as well as for my personal life" Rajib
"Very much fruitful. Helpful for organization." Saifur Rahman
"This workshop in right time in my professional" Sajia Sultana
"Very Good" Shafiqur Hasan
" A good training experience ever I got" - Md. Masumul Haque, HRD, Bengal Meat Processing Ind. Ltd.
"Nice entertainment, presentation & effective training that we have received" - S.M. Nure Alam, HRD, Bengal Meat Processing Ind. Ltd.
Leadership Team in a Business Organisation.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.