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KPI Master Class


Why KPI Based Performance Management System?

o Increase revenue, profit, market share, quality, services, management capability etc.
o Clear roadmap for future
o Encouraging employees to achieve
o Better understanding of the problem
o Help in decision making and analysis
o Improvement in the organization
o Prevents risk and threats
o KPIs help to measure how well companies, business units, projects or individuals are performing compared to strategic goals and objectives.
o Well-designed KPIs provide the vital navigation instruments that give you a clear understanding of current levels of performance.
o KPIs establish high performance culture in the organization.
o Increase employee retention, engagement, satisfaction and reduce attrition.
o It is a navigation tool to drive business.
o KPIs are strategic tools to make employees accountable and responsible for achieving organizational goals.
o KPIs provide predictive/futuristic analytical data for business decision making.
o KPIs clarify the line of sight of an employee and his contribution towards the achievement of organizational goals.


Learning Session, Video Doodles, Exercise, Team Exercise, Quiz

Contents of Training:

The World of KPIs:
• Challenges in performance measurement;
• Value added by KPIs;
• Concept Map,
• System Map
• Strategy Map
• Governance.

Understanding KPIs:
• KPI Terminology;
• KPI Lifecycle;
• SMART objectives;
• Performance Integration tool kit.

KPI Typology:
• Leading vs, lagging KPIs;
• Qualitative vs, quantitative KPIs;
• Efficiency vs, effectiveness KPIs.
• Subjective vs objective KPIs

KPI Taxonomy:
• Interdisciplinary systemic worldview;
• KPI use case scenarios;
• KPI DNA map.

KPI Selection:
• KPI selection for organizational scorecard
• KPI sources & techniques.
KPI Alignment:
• KPI alignment approaches
• KPI selection for corporate scorecard
• KPI Balancing
• KPI Clustering

KPI Documentation:
• KPI documentation form functions, design & process.

Working with targets:
• Target setting process;
• Challenges;
• Negative behaviors
• Weights and indexes.
Data Gathering:
• Data quality dimensions
• Reporting data sources
• KPI activation tools & techniques;
• Data custodians & collection methods.

Data Visualization:
• Designing efficient templates, usability
• Scorecard and dashboard design.
• Color coding

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.