Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management Training training centre in Bangladesh


Entrepreneurship Development and Business Management Training


Bangladesh is now a fast growing country into the world. As well, Bangladesh now has a huge young population. A large number of them are either jobless or have irregular jobs. If country can ensure skill based training for them they could be an entrepreneur and give job to others, it means Bangladesh would be a developed nation within very short period.

How Participants will benefit after completion the course:
We know the previous condition of empowerment is income. Either it comes from job or business. In comparison between job and business people wants to give appreciation to the business. For employees to be efficient, productive and adaptable, some skills are required which will support to growth the business such as:
• Produce quality product
• Ownership & Partnership business
• Networking & Communication
• Value chain
• Marketing policy
• Creativity and innovation
• Customer satisfaction
• Employee job satisfaction


Question and answer, Group work, Pair group discussion, Role play, Game, Brain storming, Case study, Cobweb, Exercise, VIPP card, PPT

Contents of Training:

 Create Training environment
a) Introducing to each other
b) Expectation of training
c) Objectives of training
d) Class room norms
E) Pre-test

 Enterprise & Entrepreneur
a) Concept of Enterprise and Entrepreneur
b) Difference between Enterprise and Entrepreneur
c) Qualities of a successful Entrepreneur

 Business Selection
a) Concept of Survey
b) Techniques of survey (Questionnaire, FGD, KII)
c) Importance of survey
d) Concept of SWOT
e) Exercise

 Leader & Leadership
a) Concept of Leader & Leadership
b) Importance of a good leader

 Business Plan
a) Concept of plan
b) Types of plan
c) Exercise
d) Importance of business plan

 Ownership & Partnership
a) Concept of ownership & partnership
b) Types of ownership
c) Advantages of ownership & partnership

 Value Chain ,Supply chain & Market Linkage
a) Concept of value chain and supply chain
b) Concept of linkage (Video show, Dabbawala)
c) Importance of value chain and supply chain and network

 Network & Communication
a) Concept of network and communication
b) 7 Cs
c) Importance of effective communication

 Marketing Management a) Concept Marketing
b) Importance of Marketing
c) 6 Ps
d) Advertising and Sales

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Who wants to start her/his business or started business
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.