How to Setup Garments Buying House and Its Functional Activities training centre in Bangladesh


How to Setup Garments Buying House and Its Functional Activities


Garments Buying House is a very profitable business, any smart people with less investment can earn millions of Dollars. In our country many peoples are interested to set up a Buying House but due to proper knowledge of ganogram, Functional Actvities and Proper Documentation can not set up or run a Buying House in a very professional way. This Workshop will give them clear concept on How to set up a Buying House in a Professional way with its all details of documentation and functional activities. After attending this workshop anybody would be able to set up a Buying House at his own as such for him Golden Horizon will be open for him in Business.

How Particiants will benefit after the course:
a. He will learn the total Organogram of Buying House.
b. He will learn the total activities of Buying House.
c. He will learn How to set up and organize a Buying House.
d. He will learn what all documents will be needed to set up a Buying House.
e. He will learn what all staffs, manpower, machines and equipment will be require to set up a Buying House.
f. He will gain confidence in strating up a Buying House.

a. The lecture will be delivered with a Power Point Presentation.
b. All attendants will be supplied with a Handout with all relevant informations.
c. There will be a Questiona nd Answer Session here all queries will be fetched.
d. Organogram and activites will be shown in Chart.



Contents of Training:

1. What all are the prerequisite for setting up a Buying House

2. What is the Organogram of an ideal Buying House

3. What roles played by Buying House in Garments Business?

4. Discuss on various types of Order Sheet and Spec Sheet, What all ground works usually carried out by a Buying House while preparing it?

5. What do we understand by Whole Sellers, Buying Agent, Retailer and Customers?

6. How an order is placed to a factory by a Buying House?

7. How one order is executed by Buying House from its initiation to shipment?

8. What all are the various types of Samples usually handled by Buying House?

9. What all Garments Test and Lab-Test asked by a Buying House?

10. What all are the various documents required to set up a Buying House in Bangladesh?

11. Discussion on UCP and Incoterms.

12. What all are the various payment method used by Buying House? Like Sight L/C, Deferred L/C, Contract, TT Payment etc.

13. What are FOB, C&F, CIF, and CIFT order?

14. Understanding of Quota and GSP

15. Basic Compliance requirements & why it is required by Buying House before placing any order to any Factory

16. What are Social Compliance Audit and Technical Audit Evaluation?

17. What are WRAP Certification, UKAS, BSCI, ISO and FLA?

18. What all are the Inspection usually carried out by Buying House to Execute any Order

19. What all documents required to submit to Bank to realize payment after completion of any order.

20. Any Question?

21. Revision.

22. Conclusion.

23. Distribution of Certificate to the respectable Attendance

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"It is very much effective workshop for new entrepreneur who want to start buying house business"
"The workshop is excellent" Md. Zahidul Alam
'workshop is good for new business establishment in RMG sector" Chowdhury M M Asiful Ahsan
"Workshop was attractive and positive"
"It's good for my future business" - Ashraf Ali, Manager, Nokon Group.
"It's a really knowledgeable workshop and good for further in life" - Mozaffor Ahmed.
It was an excellent experience and thanks to bdjobs training for arranging such a nice workshop. Major Syed Zabir Al Mamun (Retd), Retired Major, BD Army
I got a Clear concept on How to set up a Buying House and it will definitely help me to build up my career. Ms. Saila Rahman.
That was a very good workshop. In future, I would like to attend these kinds of workshops to increase my knowledge. Md. Sohel Mollah, Technical Adviser, SZ Vision International.
a. Whoever is interested to set up a Buying House.
b. Those who already running Buying House but want to have Fine Tuning in their business.
c. Students Completed Bachelor Degree or Masters and having good knowledge in English both written and spoken and interested to set up a Buying House.
d. Anybody who's close relatives/trustworthy friends are staying in USA, Canada, Australia, Europe or Middle East and is interested to be benefited from them by establsihing a Buying House.
e. Anybody having interest in knowing about Garments Buying House and their activities.
f. All Merchandisers who want to have clear concept on Buying House actvities and their organogram.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.