Documentation Guideline for Import & Export Business training centre in Bangladesh


Documentation Guideline for Import & Export Business


This training course is designed on the latest practical cross border scenario of the present world. There would be shown how international trade, business rules, acts & theories come across in practices of import, export, international tender & indenting business. In this program, there to be discussed how today`s economic diplomacy correlates/influence the world trade. Today`s open market global economy , trade & business are far more advanced than ever before. All the issues & facts would be interactive in the discussion.

How participants will benefit after the course:

►►There would be the complete understanding of cross border trade procedure.
►►New entrepreneurs will be efficient enough to operate import & export business of their own.
►►Officials of different organization-supply chain, import & export division would be able to enrich their knowledge coming across with the course.


A Complete set of documents for practice, quiz practice test in the class, course material to be provided, Audio visual presentation. Q&A session.

Contents of Training:

Class :01

Forward Linkage, backward linkage, Purchase /sale agreement, PI & specimen of PI-general PI, Indent PI, Bilateral/multilateral trade agreement PI-Incoterms, LC Mechanism, sequence of LC discussion-20, 17, F40, 43P, F43T, F45, F46, A complete set of documents to be handed over to the participants. (CI,PL,CO,BL,BE,BC,BE)

Class :02

Shipment Process: shipping lines, agent, loading port, port of destination, containers sizes, types, dimensions, capacity, payload, cubic capacity. Mathematics on CBM calculation-actual weight vs dimensional weight: which is to be chargeable?, PSI & PLI video presentation- ref container, sea/air ports customs videos, cargo tracking with BL no, AWB, container number, customs clearance-ASYCUDA, port demurrage, customs demurrage, shipping line demurrage.

Class :03

Customs duty calculation: (TTI-mathematics), A sheet of exercise to be passed around, (what is AV? tti calculation based on assessment valuation) customs SRO-specimen, Tariff /Non Tariff Barrier, VAT registered manufacturer, regional economic integration, ASEAN, SAFTA, sub regional economic integration, what is Dumping /anti dumping duty?

Class :04

Declaration/ Misdeclaration: Discrepant in quantity, quality, mathematics of intentional/unintentional misdeclaration, duty manipulation, ratio of Customs penalty on duty manipulation, money laundering int`l tt, TBML (what is under invoicing & over invoicing, how & why is it made to happen?

Class :05

Market situation: Perfectly competitive, Monopolistic, Oligopoly, Monopoly Pricing strategy: (domestic, int`l wholesale & retail price comparison with backward & forward linkage) & method of int`l payment ** open account, cash in advance, documentary collection, documentary credit. Export , import financing: Export :Pre/post shipment credit, Export cash credit (Hypothecation/Pledge, Export cash credit against Trust Receipt, Back to Back L/C, Packing Credit, Credit against red clause L/C. Import: LC, PAD, LATR, LIM

Class :06

Forward booking mathematics, Int`l Tender (OTM/LTM): specimen to be passed around, bank guarantee, PG-Performance guarantee, common discrepancies, Arbitration, Dispute resolution, Doc.dex, under ICC, ADR-(Civil/Commercial mediator) by court, Customs act 1969, Import & export control act 1950.Auction of imported goods: Commercial ACT!! International Licensing, Franchising procedure, Agency agreement, sole agent/distributor

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The officials who are involved in Supply chain, logistics & the person who are already working in commercial divisions of MNC’S, national and/or foreign trade, procurement, the graduates, entrepreneurs willing to set up import & export business.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.