Documentation Guideline for Import & Export Business training centre in Bangladesh


Documentation Guideline for Import & Export Business

  • Date : 24 - 25 May 2019
  • Duration : Day(9.30 am-5.30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 2 Days
  • Class Schedule : Friday - Saturday
  • Last Date of Registration : 23 May, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


This training course is designed on the latest practical cross border scenario of the present world. There would be shown how international trade, business rules, acts & theories come across in practices of import, export, international tender & indenting business. In this program, there to be discussed how today’s economic diplomacy correlates/influence the world trade. Today’s open market global economy , trade & business are far more advanced than ever before. All the issues & facts would be interactive in the discussion.

How participants will benefit after the course:

►►There would be the complete understanding of cross border trade procedure.
►►New entrepreneurs will be efficient enough to operate import & export business of their own.
►►Officials of different organization-supply chain, import & export division would be able to enrich their knowledge coming across with the course.


A Complete set of documents for practice, quiz practice test in the class, course material to be provided, Audio visual presentation. Q&A session.

Contents of Training:

Class :01

Forward Linkage, backward linkage, Purchase /sale agreement, PI & specimen of PI-general PI, Indent PI, Bilateral/multilateral trade agreement PI-Incoterms, LC Mechanism, sequence of LC discussion-20, 17, F40, 43P, F43T, F45, F46, A complete set of documents to be handed over to the participants. (CI,PL,CO,BL,BE,BC,BE)

Class :02

Shipment Process: shipping lines, agent, loading port, port of destination, containers sizes, types, dimensions, capacity, payload, cubic capacity. Mathematics on CBM calculation-actual weight vs dimensional weight: which is to be chargeable?, PSI & PLI video presentation- ref container, sea/air ports customs videos, cargo tracking with BL no, AWB, container number, customs clearance-ASYCUDA, port demurrage, customs demurrage, shipping line demurrage.

Class :03

Customs duty calculation: (TTI-mathematics), A sheet of exercise to be passed around, (what is AV? tti calculation based on assessment valuation) customs SRO-specimen, Tariff /Non Tariff Barrier, VAT registered manufacturer, regional economic integration, ASEAN, SAFTA, sub regional economic integration, what is Dumping /anti dumping duty?

Class :04

Declaration/ Misdeclaration: Discrepant in quantity, quality, mathematics of intentional/unintentional misdeclaration, duty manipulation, ratio of Customs penalty on duty manipulation, money laundering int’l tt, TBML (what is under invoicing & over invoicing, how & why is it made to happen?

Class :05

Market situation: Perfectly competitive, Monopolistic, Oligopoly, Monopoly Pricing strategy: (domestic, int’l wholesale & retail price comparison with backward & forward linkage) & method of int’l payment – open account, cash in advance, documentary collection, documentary credit. Export , import financing: Export :Pre/post shipment credit, Export cash credit (Hypothecation/Pledge, Export cash credit against Trust Receipt, Back to Back L/C, Packing Credit, Credit against red clause L/C. Import: LC, PAD, LATR, LIM

Class :06

Forward booking mathematics, Int’l Tender (OTM/LTM): specimen to be passed around, bank guarantee, PG-Performance guarantee, common discrepancies, Arbitration, Dispute resolution, Doc.dex, under ICC, ADR-(Civil/Commercial mediator) by court, Customs act 1969, Import & export control act 1950.Auction of imported goods: Commercial ACT!! International Licensing, Franchising procedure, Agency agreement, sole agent/distributor

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The officials who are involved in Supply chain, logistics & the person who are already working in commercial divisions of MNC’S, national and/or foreign trade, procurement, the graduates, entrepreneurs willing to set up import & export business.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Md. Jahirul Islam

Md. Jahirul Islam is a professional Trainer of International trade & business of many leading national and multinational companies. He initiated his career in dealing with Customs department of Bangladesh. He has remarkable knowledge & experience in connecting international Trade & business.

Mr. Islam is also conducting import-export business training in leading Corporate, training organizations and Institutes in Bangladesh. He has outstanding capabilities of impressing foreign buyers & sellers, as he has been dealing with, since the inception of his career in business field. He boosted his business knowledge roaming across the border, attended many pragmatic and exclusive training programs, on international trade & business in home & abroad.

Previously he worked as the “Chief of foreign trade dep’t” at SKS group, there he connected numerous bilateral/multilateral business deal & agreement while working therein. He has worked in research & development of many workshop on WTO, UNCTAD, ASYCUDA, WCO,ICC while studying at “Gloucestershire University, UK” and at the faculty of business studies, University of Dhaka.

Mr. Islam also worked as the “Customs dealing Officer” at “Pandora International” there he feels trade across the globe, should be simplified, modernized & comprehensive to the learners of international trade. He has practical experience in business tours of many countries in the world, where he came across the real scenario of the present business world.

He conducted and facilitated several training, Workshops, Seminars and trade Fairs on international trade & business in several countries. He studied MBA at “Gloucestershire University, UK” & also studied “Masters in international Trade & Business” at the University of Dhaka. His mission is to make a trade efficient skilled traders across the country through which a super class age-worthy business community could be grown up to compete the whole world at the age of open market diplomatic economy.

A Complete set of documents for practice, quiz practice test in the class, course material to be provided, Audio visual presentation. Q&A session.