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Corporate Service Excellence Training


Customer service is of vital importance to any organization. Allemployees, particularly those who come in direct contact withcustomers whether face-to-face, over the telephone or even in writingneed to have a thorough understanding of customer psychology.The importance of 'Customer Service' cannot be overemphasized, as itis one of the cornerstones of the long-term success & growth of anycommercial enterprise.
Whether new, junior, or senior staff; all members of the organizationshould undergo customer service training from time to time.
Their customer service skills should be sharpened every now & thenso that their customers are satisfied with the services they provide aswell as to win new customers through referrals.
The purpose is to keep winning new customers and have allcustomers coming back for more.

Course Description
The Make A Difference Bangladesh Customer Service Certification providesthe foundation for quality customer service and focuses on building life-longcustomer relationships strategies.

Learning Outcome
Attendees to this training will learn to manage all kinds of customers to thecustomer’s full satisfaction and work under pressure without losing their calm& helpful disposition every time & all the time they interact with their client.



Contents of Training:

Module 1: Introduction to Customer Service
• What Is Customer Service?
• Developing a Customer-Centric Mindset
• Who Are Your Customers?
• Internal Customers
• External Customers
• When & Where Does Customer Service Take Place?
• The Need For Customer Service
• Rewards & Penalties
• What Does Customer Service Mean To You?
• Importance of First Impression
• Satisfying & Unpleasant Experiences
• How to avoid Customer Remorse?
• Developing a Customer Friendly Attitude
• Self-Evaluation
• Passion & Excitement is Contagious
• The Magic of Creativity & Innovation in Customer Service.

Module 2: Customer Service: Communication Skills
• Developing Effective Communication Skills
• Presenting a Professional Image
• Verbal & Non-verbal Communication Skills
• Body Language
• Physical Distance
• Choice of Words
• Tone Of Voice
• The Choice Of Words
o May I
o Please
o Thank You
o Inflection
o Energy
o Volume
o Pace
o ‘And’ not ‘But’
• The Close & Invitation To Come Again

Module 3: Profiling Your Customer
• Knowing Your Customer
• Customer Needs & Expectations
• Assertive Working Style – Results-Oriented
• Analytical – Details-Oriented
• Amiable – People-Oriented
• Dominant Behavioral Style
• Determining Your Level of Service

Module 4: Managing Irate Customers
• What Makes Customers Upset?
• Avoiding Upsets
• What Can You Do To Avoid Upsets?
• How to manage irate customers – 7 Step Method for winning back an
irate customer & turning into your fan?

Module 5: Telephone - Customer Service
• Mastering The Telephone
• Answering The Telephone
• A Professional Greeting
• Active Listening
• Putting Callers On Hold
• Recommendations
• Transferring A Call
• Taking A Message
• Voice Mail
• Closing The Call

Module 6: Internet Customer Skills (Optional)
• The Internet Customer
• E-Mail Communication Guidelines
• Internet Customer Skills
• Scripted Responses
o Introduction
o Placing a Chat on Hold
o Closing a Chat session
• Websites
• Knowledgebase
• Auto responders
• Customer Online Support

Module 7: Time Management Strategies
• What & Why Time Management
• Taking Control of Your Time
• Time Analysis: Task Identification & Analysis
• Personal Suitability & Efficiency
• Task Prioritization
• Time Wasters
Module 8: Stress Management Strategies
• What is Stress?
• What Causes Stress?
• Stress Symptoms?
• What Can Be Done To Manage Or Even Eliminate Stress?
o Do Something That You Love
o Don’t Feel Responsible To Solve Every Situation
o Have A Hobby
o Rest, Take That Vacation
o Exercise
o Be Organized
o We All Make Mistakes
• Faster EFT or The Healing Code

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This course is intended for anyone who comes in contact with customers, both face-to-face or over the telephone.
Plus all who have internal customers to manage as well.