Emergency Response Logistics Management in Humanitarian Sector training centre in Bangladesh


Emergency Response Logistics Management in Humanitarian Sector


Capacity building of the emergency response has been accomplished by providing common and functional understanding on key areas of logistics management in emergency response in humanitarian sector.
Emergency relief involves many of the same logistics processes encountered in the private sector, but modern logistics practices have only recently been applied to disaster aid and recovery. Humanitarian logistics is slowly emerging as its own discipline within supply chain and logistics management.



Contents of Training:

Day 01

Session 01: Welcome note and objective sharing
Expectation from the workshop
Sharing objective

Session 02: Humanitarian context analysis
What is humanitarian sector/ INGO?
Objective of humanitarian sector
Actors in humanitarian sector
Role of humanitarian sector
Thematic areas in INGO humanitarian sector
Emergency/ humanitarian response environment
Scope and role of logistics

Session 03: Overview on logistics
What is logistics?
Key Areas in logistics in HS?
Logistics assessment and logistics planning

Session 04: Overview on procurement
Define procurement and need for procurement in Emergency Response?
Key principles in procurement?
Objective of procurement (rights)

Session 05: Overview on procurement
Steps in procurement process?
Tools in procurement process?
Award management and Procurement communication in logistics
Value for money in procurement decision
Compliance in procurement

Day 02

Session 01: Warehouse and Stock Management
Overview on stock management?
Key issues in goods receiving?
Key issues in issuance/ distribution?
Key issues in stacking and physical organization?
FIFO/ FEFO and LIFO in stock management
Tools in stock management?
Physical inventory
Warehouse cleaning and maintenance
Stock quantification - MinMax / Order quantity Contingency stock

Session 02: Transportation
Define transportation?
Transportation - up stream / down stream?
Identify mode of transportation
Transportation planning
Key issues in Transportation
INCOTERMs in transportation

Session 03: Vehicle management
Define vehicle management?
Types of vehicle
Vehicle planning - movement and repairing
Fuel consumption reporting
Driver calculation and recruitment
Drivers orientation

Session 04: Asset management
What is an asset?
Sources of asset?
Purpose of asset management?
Asset databse - needed information?
Physical verification and reporting?
Asset disposal?
Donor rules in asset management

Session 05: ICT management
Define ICT?
Purpose of ICT management?
Communication equipment assessment and planning

Session 06: Security Management
Assess security situation
Areas of security management
Security management plan
Security guards recruitment and roster preparation

Session 07: Closing
Recap, evaluation and closing remarks

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