Competency Mapping : Tool for Effective Talent Management training centre in Bangladesh


Competency Mapping : Tool for Effective Talent Management


This International Workshop on Competency Mapping to enhance the credibility of Professionals comparing with Global Standard

In today’s diversified and challenging business environment, organizations face a lot of issues and the key to their success is the performance of their human capital, which sets them apart. All organizations understand that their human capital is the key source of competitive advantage. Competency mapping and performance management helps HR professionals to produce bottom line results.

Based on various study, research and interaction with Consulting Firms, it is eminent that :
1. Executives typically pay more attention to competency modeling.
2. Competency models often attempt to distinguish top performers from average performers.
3. Competency models frequently include descriptions of how the competencies change or progress with employee level.
4. Also competency models are usually directly linked to business objectives and strategies.
5. Usually, a finite number of competencies are identified and applied across multiple functions or job families.
6. Hence competency models are frequently used actively to align the HR systems.
7. Competency models are often an organizational development intervention that seeks broad organizational change as opposed to a simple data collection effort.
8. Therefore, understanding the organization where we are associated with and a benchmarking exercise in preparing a competency framework is essential to get future success of each and every business.

After being Certified Competency Mapping Professional every individual is capable to
 Understand about Competency Framework and its development
 Assess different competencies  Develop a Competency Framework Plan for you to use with your teams across the organization
 Develop different competencies for different positions in the organization
 Measure the impact and success of the new Competency Framework
 Assess the challenges for Competency Development and its way out to overcome
 Implement the Competency Framework for their own Organization



Contents of Training:

Pre course Activity: 1. Self Assessment

Session 1: Developing Competency Models
 Understanding on Hiring the Best Available People , Productivity Maximization , Enhancing the 360-degree Feedback Process , Aligning Behavior with Organizational Strategies and Values , Various Competency Models
 Development of the Personal Competency Framework (Categorization of 45 Competencies),
 The Lancaster Model of Managerial Competencies
 Transcultural Managerial Competencies
 Planning to Develop a Competency Model

Session 2: Competency-based Talent Management
 The effect of Competency Models in HRM Systems
 Benefits of Using a Competency-based:
o Selection System
o Training and Development System
o Performance Appraisal System
o Succession Planning System

Session 3: Formation of a Competency Framework
 Sources of Competency Information
 Documentation  Interviews (BEI, BDI)
 Focus Group Discussion
 Benchmarking
 Established Models
 Management Directed
 Third-party Models
 Unique Role

Session 4: Competency Mapping and Assessment Centres
 The Use of Assessment Centres in the Industry
 Types of Exercises : Off-the-shelf Exercises, Customized Exercises , External Centre , Nonexercise Material
 Ratings by Self and Others , 360-degree Feedback , Best Practice ,Tests and Inventories
 Projective Techniques

Session 5: Generic Competency Dictionary
Mostly used Competencies and its clustering

Session 6: Generic Competency Model for Leadership Role in any Organization
 Competency Clusters for General Leadership Model
 Behavioral Indicators for each competencies

Note: Program will be organized by WARD and Bdjobs Training is the Promotional Partner. This program has been recognized by SHRM-USA & HRCI-USA for re-certification credit so the certification will carry global value.

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Human Resource
 HR Professional
 Talent Management Professional
 Function Head
 Middle and Top Management
 HR Consultant
 Person from Head Hunting Organization
 Assessment center Professional
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.