Merchandising in Textile and Garments Industry training centre in Bangladesh


Merchandising in Textile and Garments Industry


Equip yourself with all the Tools and Techniques of Merchandising of in One Day. Be an efficient Merchandiser, get confidence in dealing with all orders and boost up your monthly remuneration.
The Merchandiser is the pivoting person in garments business, who maintain the relationship in-between Buyer and the Factory. He receive Order Sheet from Buyer, analyze, does costing, quote price, negotiate price, confirm price, arranges all merchandise, execute the order and maintain all correspondences with the Buyer. As such the Merchandising job has become a technocrat job in the garment sector, for which need special skill to handle any order. This workshop will educate a person to equip himself with all the knowledge of merchandising and will give him the confidence of handling any order in efficient way. He will also learn how an order is developed from receiving of Order-Sheet from Buyer upto shipment and payment realization.


Interactive Lecture
PowerPoint Presentation
Group Discussion

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction to Textile and Garments Industry of Bangladesh
2. Who all are involved in Textile and Garments Business?
3. What is Merchandising Profession?
4. Future of Merchandising as a Profession.
5. Introduction to Source of Fiber, processing of Fiber, Processing of Cotton, Process of Yarn and Fabric Manufacturing.
6. Introduction to Count, Tex, Ne, Nm, Denier etc

Morning Tea Break (10 Mins)

7. Introduction to various processes of Fabric Finishing, Dyeing and Printing.
8. Understanding the Organogram and activities of Garments Buying House.
9. Understanding Organogram of Knit, Woven and Sweater Factory.
10. Role of Merchandiser in Garments Business.
11. Introduction to Knitted Fabric and Garments.
12. Introduction to Woven Fabric and Garments.
13. Introduction to Production processes of Garments (Knit, Woven and Sweater)
14. Introduction to various Accessories of Garments.
15. Introduction to all Samples in Garments.

Lunch Break and Jumma Prayer (For Friday only, One Hr)

16. Introduction to all Inspections in Garments.
17. Introduction to all Printing
18. Introduction to all Embroidery
19. Introduction to all Washing
20. Introduction to all Packing
21. Introduction to all Shipment at various countries with Sea/Air Route orientation.
22. Introduction to all Lab-test for Fabric and Garments.

Evening Tea Break (10 Mins)

23. Introduction to LC and its use in Garments Business.
24. Question and Answer
25. Revision
26. Conclusion
27. Distribution of Certificate to the Attending Students.
28. Photo Session with all participants.

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1. Factory or Buying House Owner / Directors.
2. Merchandisers.
3. Any other person interested to learn merchandising in textile and garments industry.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.