Detection & Prevention of Fake Note / False Currency Workshop training centre in Bangladesh


Detection & Prevention of Fake Note / False Currency Workshop


Fake note is widespread in the market. It has become global issues. General people need to have the proper knowledge regarding the currency features to identify the fake notes. Study shows very limited number of people has awareness on the security features. If higher number of people gets knowledge on the subject matter, counterfeit currency circulation can be stopped forever from the market.

Participants will be able to know:
• Security features of the currency.
• Identification of the local and foreign currencies.
• Detection of the fake notes and original notes easily.



Contents of Training:

• Security Features of the Banknote
• Overt Security Features
• Covert Security Features
• Forensic Security Features
• Character of the Security Features
• Security Features versus Forgery
• Nature of Counterfeit note, genuine note, super note
• Source of Fake note
• Fake note Detection & Prevention
• Public Acceptance of the Banknote
• Hygienic Aspects of the Banknote
• Safe & Secured Cash Circulation
• Safe & Secured Cash Transportation & Distribution
• Safe & Swift Cash Transaction
• Public Awareness on Banknote
• Legal Action Against Counterfeiting in Bangladesh

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Course at Chattogram
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1) Central & Commercial Bank Officials
2) Cash operating staff from NGO / Insurance Companies/ Multinational Companies/ Airlines / Agencies / School, College & University or any other sector
3) Entrepreneurs and high professionals in the field of business.
4) Money handling equipment suppliers
5) Cash management companies
6) Money exchange officials
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.