Export Oriented Agro Business Establishment Strategies training centre in Bangladesh


Export Oriented Agro Business Establishment Strategies

  • Date : Saturday, April 13, 2019
  • Duration : Day(9.30 am-5.30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : Day Long
  • Class Schedule : Saturday
  • Last Date of Registration : 13 April, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


For several years, Bangladesh is a high yield producer of agro products and thus government is providing as high as 20% incentive in different agro products export. Knowledge about agro-business, international market and financial support are crucial for business success in those sector. If you plan to either establish your own agro-business, agribusiness investor, business partner or want to be the top management Agro Business, this workshop is for you.

Participants Benefit:

1. New entrepreneurs, women, and students will be more confident to establish businesses. Knowledge gained through the discussion will act as the guide for problem-solving (cheap good quality sourcing, finding buyers, marketing channel optimization, transport etc.) and to find financial help (bank loans, local and foreign investors help, business partner and preparing financial documents).
2. Corporate, SME and established businessman will be able to extend their existing business and will be more efficient in making the business decision.
3. Bangladesh Bank sub-sided products lists and potential products to export.
4. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat analysis of Agro Products export market establishment and operation from Bangladesh. According to business expert, if entrepreneurs do not perform SWOT analysis before the start, their chance of failing is very high.
5. Increase profit and operational efficiency by proper utilization of capital, time and manpower.
6. Finally, Participants will be familiar with challenges to receive bank loans, funding, utilizing resources, commercials and some proven strategies to solve problems promptly.


Participants will be familiar with challenges to receive bank loans, funding, utilizing resources, commercials and some proven strategies to solve problems promptly.

Contents of Training:

1. Export Oriented Agro-Business Opportunity

Business sectors
Product wise Incentives
Potential products (products trend)
Market Trend
SWOT analysis of Agro-business
Location selection
Partner & management selection

2. Finding International Buyer

Why International buyer is Important
Geographical market Selection
Business policy in the top profitable market (Europe, Middle East, USA, and Canada)
Contacting directly with the buyer and avoiding the middleman

3. Group Activity, Knowledge Sharing, and Presentation

4. International Marketing Strategies

Selecting right marketing channel
Buyer requirements analysis
Liaison and connection with foreign agencies
Labeling and Product Information
Communication and documentation with the foreign partner
Traps must avoid

5. Selling products in VIP markets and Chain Shops

Importance of developing strong local market along with foreign market
Potential marketplaces and locations
What not to do

6. Finding Financer (Bank Loan, Investors, and Business Partner

What financer check before investment
How to approach for Bank Loan
Strategies to utilize money efficiently
Documentation and profile building for financiers
Key Factors to consider before receiving the loan

7. Solving Common Business Problems

Sourcing cheap and Quality Product
Product storage and distribution
Product shelf life
Machinery issues
Personnel and Worker issues

8. Project Establishment

Key Factors to consider (money, Land, worker)
Interdepartmental issues
Cost Calculation
Project profile creation
Company/ Business Branding

9. Group Activity, Knowledge Sharing, and Presentation

10. Quality and Monitoring Establishment

Improving Quality and Monitoring to boost International Business
Compliance Certificates (ISO, BRC, HACCP)
Tests and Agencies for Product Quality Certification
Establishing Internal Audit Concept for Quality Control and Business Efficiency
Types of machinery requirements for Quality Control

11. Knowledge and Relevant Resources to Conduct Business and Proposal Writing


12. International Transport

Important factors to Consider
Must Do and Do not
Cartoon Design
Others necessities

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New entrepreneurs, Corporate, SME and established businessman, and students.

Resource Person

Md. Julkernine Julfiker

Quality Management System & International Development Expert

Md. Julkernine Julfiker has completed higher study from the Louisiana State University, Louisiana, USA by receiving a full funded scholarship from the Louisiana State University. After four years of higher study, teaching in the Louisiana State University and market survey in the US and other international markets, he came to Bangladesh to expand agro products export market and now actively working with universities, government agencies and businessmen in this area.
Discussing ideas particularly related to entrepreneurship is his favourite. He involved himself in training so that what he has learned from working with entrepreneurs, researchers, students and top business school from the USA about export markets can share with businessmen to increase profitability and reduce entrepreneurship failure.

Participants will be familiar with challenges to receive bank loans, funding, utilizing resources, commercials and some proven strategies to solve problems promptly.