Toyota Production System (TPS) in RMG & Textile Industries training centre in Bangladesh


Toyota Production System (TPS) in RMG & Textile Industries


Toyota Production System (TPS) is developed on a philosophy to eliminate waste and reduce cost of product/process/service. Eventually it has been extremely popular in many industries.TPS is about looking at the overall picture of all the processes that are required to deliver a product or service. It is about evaluating each step and ensuring to make it valuable, capable, available, flexible and adequate.

TPS has been successfully implemented and practiced in manufacturing industries like Textiles and Apparel, Automotive, Industrial Products, Furniture, Printing and Packaging, Consumer Products and Healthcare industries, Military and Service sector.

There are different tools and concepts in TPS which are implemented in different methods in different industries depends on the business segment, customer segment, operational process and product value.

ObjectiveThis course will aim at focusing the TPS concepts and tools related to RMG industries and way of implementations, benefits, challenges and sustainability. Participants will be able to understand, “Applying TPS in RMG is a fun and need not any massive investment on technology or people”


““ Interactive Lecture

““ PowerPoint Presentation

““ Interactive Video Demo

““ Different practical tools

““ Group Discussion and practice

Contents of Training:

a. Introduction:
Definition of Toyota production System
Objective of Toyota Production System
Framework Of Toyota Production System

b. Waste and Allowance (Non-productive time):
Define Waste and Allowance
Identifying practical allowances and the value loss
Allowance calculator and diagnosis
Analyse, Improve and control allowances
Financial impact of Non Productive time.
Practical exercise, sudden tests and evaluation

c. 6S:
Define 6S
Measure 6S
Analyse 6S and its impacts in RMG operations
Improve and control 6S
Financial impacts of 6S
Practical Exercise and evaluation.

d. Kanban: (Pull system)
What is Kanban
How to use Kanban in Store, Cutting, Sewing and Finishing
Effect of Kanban system in reduce time and reduce waste

e. Visual Management:
What is Visual Management?
Examples of Visual Managements in Garment manufacturing
Effects of Visual Management to reduce waste, improve efficiency improve quality

f. Linear flow in manufacturing: (Merchandising-Planning-IE-Production)
What is linear flow?
How linear flow effects on reducing time, eliminate waste, improve quality and improve productivity
Examples of linear flow system in Capacity planning, marketing, making fabrics, Cutting, Sewing, Finishing, Packing

g. Standardizing Work: (Technical, tactical and methodological)
What is work standardization?
How work standardization effects on higher quality, higher productivity, Lower cost and time
Examples of Work standardization All section of garment manufacturing

h. 6 star IE to drive the TPS implementation in RMG:
IE philosophy to lead the TPS implementations
IE strategy to diagnosis, measure and evaluate the processes and streamline
IE actions throughout the different areas of manufacturing

i. Measuring Peoples by KPI:
What is KPI & impacts of KPI in driving the team towards better
How to set KPI for different section different peoples
How to measure KPI and link to the TPS philosophy to get the desired outcome in business

j. Automation in measuring performance of processes(Advanced TPS tools):
RFID real time production, quality & HR tracking system
Benefits, features, cost of usage and ROI of RFID tracking system
Real time Planning and critical path monitoring system
Benefits, features, cost of usage and ROI of Automatic planning system

k. Q&A:
Free discussions and problem solving by group discussions
Sharing and learning throughout the team

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