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Customer Behavior, Service & Satisfaction


Since organizations cannot go and sell their products or services personally they have to use effective marketing communications. And as one of the vital objectives of the entities are to generate sale, revenue & above all to survive financially, they have to look for effective and skilled marketers or sales professionals. As personal selling is a vital part of communication in marketing, but as it is not available readymade, they have to go for training up sales people as well as often themselves (concern managements) and all their employees involved in the sales process. And that is the main objective of this training session. On the other hand smart sales marketers are required to deal with the savvy prospects/ customers which is the demand of the day. This training program is designed with the objectives to develop the sales professionals who have to bear in mind to get competitive advantage over all the obstacles they may face in the real field of sales & direct marketing. I have attached both theoretical & personal experiences of about 19 years working in this field for raising awareness and provide a clear conception and real selling scenario so that participants may be benefited and at the same time contribute their best to the organization and the society. To this end the challenges and opportunities generally arise in direct marketing & selling process are discussed step by step in the contents available under the Customer Behavior, Service & Satisfaction


To provide the participants with an idea of what Customer Relationship Management (CRM) mean. CRM is an information system which sets out a framework model that deal with the three main customer-oriented competencies to be a successful CRM enterprise. It provides practical guidelines that might be turned into immediate actions by any enterprise. It includes methodologies and usual Internet capabilities that helps an enterprise manage customer relationships in a organized way.


i. For information: For sharing information regarding selling & direct marketing.
ii. To initiate action: Marketers can take initiative to start working confidently.
iii. To change behavior: Sales people can enjoy maintaining responsibility.


To play role based on practical or real life scenario, individual/ group experience, sharing interactive lecture, power point presentation, group work/ exercise/ case study, video clips & Q & A.

Contents of Training:

** What is Customer Behavior?
** Who is Consumer/ Customer?
** What is the Nature of Consumer Behavior?
** Challenge of Consumer Behavior and how to Face the Challenge
** Customer Behavior Model
** Characteristics/ Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior
** Importance of Consumer Behavior
** Customer insight analysis
** Value Creations
** Types of consumer and their behavior model
** Types of Customer and how to appeal them
** Four Types of Buying Behavior
** Different type of Consumer Behavior
** Customer’s Characteristics
** Buying process of consumers & business buyers
** Buying Situation Faced by House hold Customers VS Business Buyers
** Understanding the Psychology of Customer and their Expectations
** Addressing Customers’ Needs and their Behavior Style
** What are your findings about the customer?
** Organizational Design for Customer Behavior
** Contemporary Issues In terms of Customer Service & Customer Behavior
** Importance of Uncovering and Developing Customer Need
** What is customer value? How to create customer value? Consumers’ expectation vs satisfaction.
** Relationship Building Block: Customer Value and Satisfaction
** Capturing Value from the Customer
** Building Profitable Customer Relationship
** Identify and Serve more to your most Valuable Customer
** Customer Relationship Management
** Building Customer Relationship
** Linking Campaign with Customer Service

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- All sale and direct marketing oriented professionals engaged or wish to build their career is sales and marketing field in various industries like insurance, Bank, Financial institution, Real estates, pharmaceuticals, Building materials, food industry, retail chain, logistics, supply chain, Apparels, FMCG and above all those who are involved in personal selling/ one to one selling and personal sales management. New graduates or young entrepreneurs interested to start sales oriented new business. Independent business entity owners dealing sale businessmen of any product or service.
- Anyone who want to build his career in Sales & Marketing Department.
- New startups or Entrepreneur or Consultants & fresh graduates.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.