Front Desk Etiquette training centre in Bangladesh

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Front Desk Etiquette


It is the art of serving customers at the front-desk that creates the brand image of your organization, draws the customers’ attention and retains them to a particular business. This break-through, inspirational workshop gets the front-desk staff invigorated as it portrays the benefits of positive customer experience and discusses the strategies to smooth-run the functions involved at the front-desk by means of creative exercises, role plays, case studies and line prompts in light of best practices globally.

Specific learning Objectives:
Having attended this workshop, participants will be able to:
• Serve customers at the front-desk as per global best practices
• Multi-task by prioritizing, organizing and harmonizing
• Presenting oneself professionally
• Identify the areas of their personality which they need to develop
• Adapt the winning factors, such as, tonality, body language, positive attitude, to succeed in building relationships with and retain customers
• Persuade customers by using appropriate lines/words/phrases
• Identify the words with negative impact and replace them with positive ones
• Handle difficult customers and create lasting relationships by analysing customers’ communication pattern
• Build trust and develop integrity
• Recognize the techniques of controlling emotions that affect their performance and direct emotions to enhance their service
• Develop self-awareness and momentum of continuous improvement


Power Point Presentation, Activities in Groups, Printed Hand-Outs of PP Slides and Documents will be provided.

Contents of Training:

Knowing the Tactful Techniques-
• Knowing the words to welcome and comfort customers
• Saying the most difficult words
• Use the words to make the relationship
• Identify and use the words to retain customers
• Identify and use the words to persuade them
• Knowing the U-turn method to bring back a departing customer

Excel on Managing Complaints
• Escalating the Complaints to the Respective Concerns
• Using the right Words of Apologies
• Empathising
• Strategic initiatives to constructive resolutions

Handling Difficult Customers
• Best way to say “no” to customers- the winning strategies
• Taking and working on customers’ feedbacks

Personal Presentation Expected at Front-Desk and within the Office Premises
• Professional Attire- To look Smart, Good and Professional
• Maintaining Personal Hygiene

Manners to be Followed
• Respecting Colleagues
• Being of Help when Needed
• Building Constructive Relationships

Manners to be Avoided
• Being a Distraction when Colleagues are at Work
• Discriminating in terms of Age, Experience and Designation

Be Emotionally Intelligent
• Stay aware of your emotions
• Control all your perceptions
• Control any outbursts in difficult situations
• Overcome all negative hunch

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Freshers, receptionists, concierge, administrative/ office support/ office assistant personnel with relevant work experience or no work experience, looking for a receptionist or front desk position, applying or working as an admin role, who want to identify shortcomings of their communication style/ technique and sharpen the skill.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.