Financial Management for Managers training centre in Bangladesh

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Financial Management for Managers


Strengthening the analytical skills and competencies of the managers to attain financial sustainability as well as to increase productivity.

Course objectives
On completion of the course, the participants will be able to:
 Explain some basic financial terms like, revenue, cost, expense, etc.
 Prepare and interpret Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement
 Manage cash efficiently
 Analysis the overall financial performance and make effective decisions accordingly.



Contents of Training:

Session 01:
Ice breaking and Introduction

Session 02:
Basic Concepts on Finance

Session 03:
Some Basic Financial Concepts: • Revenue and Expense • Types and Items of Revenue and Expense • Assets and Liabilities • Types and Items of Assets and Liabilities

Session 04:
Income Statement: • Concepts • Preparation of Income Statement

Session 05:
Balance Sheet: • Concepts • Preparation of Balance Sheet

Session 06:
Management of Cash: • Concepts and Importance • Cash Planning • Determining the Optimum Cash Balance

Session 07:
Service Charge: • Why and How Much • Service Charge Rates and Calculation Methods • Lending and borrowing Expenses

Session 08:
Cost Volume Profit Relationship: • Concepts • Break – Even Analysis

Session 09:
Portfolio: • Concept of Portfolio • Delinquency • Quality Indicators

Session 10:
Ageing Schedule and Portfolio Report

Session 11:
Ratio Analysis: • What and why • Different Types of Ratios and their Interpretation

Session 12:
Financial Sustainability Ratio

Session 13:
Operating Efficiency Ratio

Session 14:
Financial Performance Analysis of an Institute

Session 15:
Group Presentation on Financial Performance Analysis

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