Advance Course on Laravel 5.7 with Vue.js training centre in Bangladesh

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Advance Course on Laravel 5.7 with Vue.js


Online World runs their activities with many types of programming language where Php is one ofthem. It is most popular and easy to learn then other programming language. Laravel is one of theFrame work of php where it catch more popularity by developing their secure and safe dataprograming path. In this course we will introduce the latest Javasicpt frame work Vue.js with Laravel.In this world many company covert their php website to Laravel frame work. So there have morechance to develop your career with Laravel and Vue.js. It’s easy and simple way to use Vue.js in laravelwhere this course helps to you being a more professional in laravel.


PowerPoint Presentation, Cheat sheets, Hands on Lab Practice, Brainstorming, Idea generating

Contents of Training:

• Introduction of Vue.js
• How to Install
• How to run in Laravel 5.7
• Learn How to CRUD With Vue.js in Laravel
• Started To build a e-commerce site with vue.js in Laravel
• Auto Product Scroll Loading with vue.js in Laravel
• Making Cart Section with payment in vue.js Laravel
• Making Search option with vue.js
• Notification/Email Sending
• Project Error Solving and Prepared for webserver
• Upload vue.js website in webserver

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This course is intended for those people whose have basic Laravel Frame Work knowledge (Routing, View, CRUD & Database) and also have at least one website making experience.