Learn How to Start a Small Business training centre in Bangladesh


Learn How to Start a Small Business


Small Scale Enterprise is the key to enter medium and large-scale business. A great number of people engaged in small business facing different problem. A large number of educated and unemployed want to start business but do now know how to do that. This course will show the way how to lead existing business or to start a small business to contribute in country`s` economy.

How participants will benefit after course
After the course participants will be able to
-identify 10 qualities of an entrepreneur
-evaluate and select the suitable business
-evaluate the size of investment
-set up a small enterprise

This course will train the participants how to prepare
-the marketing plan
-the production plan
-the organization and management plan
-the financial plan

Participants will receive a clear and easy learning on
-writing own project proposal
-preparing profit and loss accounts of own business
-Micro screening of own company
-licensing and certification etc.



Contents of Training:

Module 1 Unlocking Competency
-about entrepreneur
-qualities entrepreneur
-check up competency
-select suitable business

Module 2 Matching Person with Projects
-how to linkage with similar companies
-checklist for bank loan
-comparing potentiality of the business

Module 3 Project Proposal/ Business Plan
-Micro screening
-Marketing Plan
-Production/ Technology plan
-Organization and management plan
-Financial plan

Module 4 Profitability test/ Viability test
-check project/ business viability
-impact of business on country`s economy
-contribution and responsibility to the country
All educated and unemployed youths
Retired person seeking startup/ small business
People with existing small enterprise