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Effective Sales Management Training


The goal of the Sales Management course is to examine the elements of an effective sales force as a key component of the organization's total marketing effort. The course will extend student`s understanding of marketing's reach and potential impact in achieving its overarching goals.

The course is primarily composed of theories on Sales Management, interactive discussions thereon, case studies & simulations. Delegates would work in groups on case studies so they get a chance to experience the Sales Management processes that mimic the relevant real life situations in a market as closely as possible in a classroom environment.

Course objectives include understanding the sales process, the relationship between sales and marketing, sales force structure, customer relationship management (CRM), uses of technology to improve sales force effectiveness, and issues in recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, compensating and retaining salespeople. Students learn to apply the discussion topics through an interactive project worked on throughout the course.

Direct or indirect exposure to sales management or experience as a Senior Sales Executive

Learning Outcome
Upon completing this course, students will be able to:
1. Explain how sales management fits into the current fast changing -environment
2. Describe customer relationship management
3. Assess selling as a career choice ** that sky is the limit
4. Illustrate how to effectively organize a sales force
5. Forecast sales and prepare sales budgets
6. Evaluate salespeople`s performance
7. Develop motivation strategies for the sales force
8. Understand the characteristics of effective salespeople
9. Explain how to recruit and select salespeople
10. Apply different sales training methods and techniques
11. Prepare a compensation plan for a sales force.



Contents of Training:

Module 1: Introduction to Sales management
# Course overview & Introduction
# Sales Management by Objectives
# Changing customer needs - sales management in the 21st Century
# What is involved in sales management?
# How environmental factors & infrastructure impact sales success?

Module 2: The Process of Selling and Buying
# Differences between business buying and consumer buying
# Selecting and managing (multiple) sales channels
# Revisiting the Selling Process & Selling techniques
# Organizational buying decision process
# Selling as a career
# Selling activities and responsibilities
# Selling jobs

Module 3: Linking Strategies and the Sales Role in CRM
# What is customer relationship management (CRM) & its impact on selling?
# Importance of market orientation
# Process of strategy development
# What is Sales & What is Marketing and how they relate to each?
# Personal selling`s role in marketing strategy
# Coordination and Integration of Marketing and Sales
# Personal selling`s role in the communication mix

Module 4: Organizing the Sales Effort
# Purpose & Importance of the sales organization
# How to organize the sales force
# Determining the optimum sales force size
# Horizontal & Vertical structure of the sales force - suitability
# Organizing keeping in mind service to key accounts

Module 5: Information Management Sales Forecasting and Budgeting
# Putting information technology into perspective
# Using Information in managerial decision making
# Introduction to market opportunity Analysis
# Methods of Sales Forecasting and choosing a forecasting method
# Developing territory estimates - Sales Territory Design
# Setting Sales Targets/Quotas for the team
# Allocation of Targets:
§ Target allocation process
§ Allocation of targets for each salesperson
§ Geographically
§ By products or services
# Determining sales force size
# Designing sales territories
# Sales analysis for trends, seasonality & potentials

Module 6: Salesperson Performance
# Changing role of sellers
# Understanding salesperson performance
# Rewards and satisfaction
# Day-to-Day Operations:
§ Managing Selling Effort
§ Sales Strategies
§ Sales Action Plans
§ Sales Call Plans
§ Self Adjusting Perpetual Sales Call Plans
§ Sales Reports
§ Market Information System
# Administration of the Sales Force:
§ Motivating
§ Controlling
§ Disciplining
§ Guiding ** Kerbside Conference
§ Sales Coaching
§ Supporting the Sales Force
§ Sales Meetings
§ Sales Calls

Module 7: Motivating the Sales force
# Motivators
# Psychological processes
# Motivational model
# Career stages and motivation
# Impact of environment and organization variable on motivation

Module 8: Personal Characteristics and Sales Aptitude for Selecting Salespeople
# Are good salespeople born or made?
# Characteristics of successful salespeople
# Selection of salespeople ** team players
# Job-specific determinants of good sales performance
# Development plans for each salesperson

Module 9: Sales Force Recruitment and Selection
# Real value of hiring good salespeople
# Recruitment and selection issues
# Who is responsible for recruiting?
# Job analysis & determination of selection criteria
# Recruitment & Selection procedures

Module 10: Sales Training, Objectives, Techniques and Evaluation
# Issues in sales training
# Objectives of sales training
# Development of sales training programs
# Training new sales recruits & training experienced salespeople
# Sales training methods
# Measuring the costs and benefits of sales training
Module 11: Salesperson Compensation and Incentives
# Characteristics of great sales compensation plans
# Straight salary
# Straight commission
# Combination plans
# Sales contests
# Non-financial rewards
# Expense accounts
# Deciding the most appropriate mix and level of compensation

Module 12: Evaluating Sales Person Performance
# Performance versus effectiveness
# Objective measures
# Subjective measures
# Feedback in performance evaluation

Optional Topics
# Cost analysis
# Law and selling
# International selling

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