Reach Your Goals to be A Successful Salesperson training centre in Bangladesh


Reach Your Goals to be A Successful Salesperson


To drive business results, successful salesmen focus on the buyer`s needs and provide solutions, not just make a sales transaction. Sales training objectives include learning how to analyze, present and negotiate effectively. Workshops typically start with lectures, demonstrations or case studies. Then, facilitators lead participants through role-playing exercises to apply tips, techniques and strategies learned from the instruction. At the completion of a typical session, participants have developed the skills and knowledge to identify their customers` business drivers, qualify opportunities, demonstrate value to customers and respond to objections.Nowadays, customers and clients aren`t what they used to be. They are more knowledgeable, more sophisticated, more pressured and more demanding. They don`t have time to waste. They want to make informed buying decisions. As a result, organization that needs to increase the performance of their salespeople is adopting a more practical and effective sales approach.


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

1. Surprising ways to create a winning Sales Mindset
# 5 simple steps to influence selling
# Sales Mindset
# Negotiation skill with activity
# Role Play
# Motivational video

2. Driving Performance of Sales People
# Rapport building skills with role play
# Interaction style assessment **participants will be assessed to understand their interaction styles
# Improving interaction styles
# Energizing sales people: Positive focus, Praise and Improvement feedback
# Playing related video to introduce real life experience
# BATNA Method
# ZOPA Method
# Emotional intelligence

3. Purpose, Success & Happiness ** to Energize our Customer Service Mind-set
# Being Happy through caring for our customer
# Purpose of Living and Working [serving customers]
# Introducing Team work concept
# Activity based real life examples

4. Customer Service Concepts and Tools
# The attitude for unbelievable customer
# Managing Expectations of customers
# Customer Service Recovery
# Telephone handling to make SALE approach

5. Loving and Caring as Fundamental to Customer Service Success
# Love
# Rapport building
# Listening
# Questioning
# Connecting with customers

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Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.