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Complete Digital Marketing Training


Digital marketing becomes a new term and new part of marketing but the part which becomes more important from day to day. Its offers unconventional way of approach to customers. In today's life where we all are exposed to everyday new products and services and advertising, digital marketing offers a completely new way of accessing the user which is visible and different from everyday access to products, services, and advertising.

Marketing as a term means much more than pure advertising so digital marketing and must be understood just like that ** they offer a new approach to products, services and of course to advertising.

Purpose of the course:

This Tanning will cover all the roles and responsibilities of a Digital Marketer- the key organizational interfaces, and the use of classical marketing to strengthen the focused Digital. You will get a chance to explore the different levels of Digital Marketing and their elements, and how all the elements play an important role in developing a better relationship with the customers.
In a word, if anyone knows the process, he or she builds a better career in this sector and Entrepreneurs can play a significant role in the business growth.


1. PowerPoint Presentation
2.Team Work
3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:


Let`s do this!
Digital marketing system
Course road map **where should you begin?

Market Research

Introduction to Market research
How To set up Market research survey with Google Forms & survey monkey
How to Get Responses to Your Survey
How to Analyze Your Survey Results

Define your business & target audience

Define your purpose
Position your brand
Unique selling proposition
Personality: what's yours?
Find your audience
Validate your business idea

Brand identity

Branding basics
Case study: 3 companies with great 'brand' strategies
Tools for creating graphics
Quick cava tutorial
Quick Photoshop tutorial


Make your website responsive and mobile friendly
See google analytics in WordPress
What pages do you need?
The start here (about page)
Design a home page that works

E mail marketing

Easy email marketing funnels
Email marketing tools
Write better email subject lines

Content writing

Introduction to content writing
Story telling
Attention - Headlines are `Eighty Cents of the Dollar`
Assignment ** content writing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

-Introduction to SEO
- An overview of SEO
-5 SEO Metrics to Measure SEO Performance
-How to SEO Optimize
-How to Verify Your Website in the Google Search Console Your Homepage
-How to Do Keyword Research: Steps & Strategy
-How to Quickly Brainstorm 1000's of Keyword Ideas


Youtube Marketing Strategy
Youtube Competitor Analysis
Youtube Keyword Research
Youtube Account Optimization
Youtube Monetization
Youtube Ads


Why Market Your Business on Facebook?
Facebook Page Description
Secret Way to Boost Page Likes
Facebook Competitions / Contest
Facebook Live
Facebook Comments & Reviews
Facebook Insights


7 Keys to Facebook Advertising Success
Boost Posts vs. Ads Create Tool vs. Power Editor
Targeting by Location & Demographics
Targeting By Behaviors & Connection
Facebook Pixel
Local Awareness Ads

Linkedin social media marketing

Linkedin Connections Hack
Linkedin InMail Hack
Linkedin Company Page Setup
lead generate through LinkedIn

Google AdWords

Google AdWords for your business
Exploring the AdWords interface
Creating a google AdWords search campaign

Instagram marketing

Instagram content creation
Instagram hashtags
Instagram follower`s tool
Instagram @mention influencers

Social media live streaming

Basic equipment for social media streaming
Facebook live basics
Sharing our Facebook live session
YouTube live streaming with OBS

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Marketing/ Sales
• Professionals who need to understand Digital Marketing/ online marketing or get more out of their Digital channels.
• Anyone responsible for developing or implementing an organization’s online /digital strategy.
• Traditional marketers who want to fast-track their marketing career or enter the digital world.
• Entrepreneurs who need to maximize online channels for growing their business.
• Students who want to gain knowledge on Internet Marketing and increase their job opportunities.