How to Build a High Performing Team training centre in Bangladesh


How to Build a High Performing Team


The definition of a team is very simple to understand but very difficult to be a good team player. The results of a high performing team is amazing.

From this course, learn the qualities of effective teams and the role you as a member, play in creating an effective team. In addition to the importance of knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, the importance of delivering on expectations, listening to other team members, communicating clearly, playing more than one role, and being supportive. A high performer teams consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation, and outperform their peers. Let’s take your chance to be a good team player.

Learning Objectives:
• Explain team concept
• Strategies and techniques for building high performing team
• Discuss team members and team dynamics
• Gain a greater understanding of how teams develop, behave and perform
• Utilize team building knowledge to develop high performing teams in centers and programs
• Understand roles and responsibilities of a high performing team player


A high performer teams consistently show high levels of collaboration and innovation, and outperform their peers. Let“s take your chance to be a good team player.

Contents of Training:

Session One: Welcome / objectives
• Program objectives
• Individual expectation
• Getting to know each other

Session Two: Introduction
• Power of sharing – Discovery model” for self & others
• Breakout for “opening up” – exercise

Session Three: Working together as a Team
• Understanding the context & process of Team Development
• Bruce Tuckman’s Team Development – 5 stages

Session Four: Challenges of Working Together as a Team
• Why teams fail
• Symptoms of dysfunctional teams
• Why team succeed
• Understanding the elements of success and failure in a team
• Exercise / Activity
• Causes of transition from engagement to disengagement – why, when, how? Can we notice it before it is too late?
o “Us & them”- the tribal mindset
o “Respect” – lack of it, giving it and gaining it.
o “Culture” – what it is, how it is formed? How we help build it?
• Are we getting along well? Dealing with CONFLICT in team
• How to settle conflict – “positively” and “pro-actively”
• Exercise / Activity

Session Five: Performing together as a team
• How to create a high performing team
• Key characteristics of a high performing teams
• Understanding critical six elements if advanced team

Session Six: Building a High Performing Team
• Exercise & Activity
• Debrief

Session Seven:
• Putting all in practice
• Closing & feedback
• PDP – Three things I would like to do to make my team excel .

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This training course is perfect for Executives, Managers & Team Leaders.